LaRae T.

Lakeville, MN

LaRae T

Late December 2018 was the first time I had ever stepped foot into a Life Time facility. After living my entire life in North Dakota my husband was offered a job in his home state of Minnesota. We had just become empty nesters, after having children at home for the last 37 years. We decided to make the move. So many changes. I had a very difficult time once we moved missing my family, friends, work, church, book club, Bible study and on and on. We purchased a home close to this big beautiful building called Life Time. After getting settled in our new home I became very lonesome and depressed missing my life back home. I thought maybe getting a part time job to meet some new friends would help. I applied for a Pickleball Coordinator position at Life Time. I was excited to get the job! It was just what the Dr. ordered! My life took on a whole new meaning. I meet some new awesome people in our Pickleball group. I began to feel like a total transformation was about to take place in my life. The facility was amazing. I started playing Pickleball 6 days a week plus walking on the treadmill and using the elliptical. I was intrigued watching the trainers working with members in such a wonderful professional manner. My department manager, Tyana, emailed a challenge to her employees to sign up for this thing called a “60 Day Challenge”. Also a email from Cooper, our General Manager, came out with a incentive for the top male and female employees to win a custom made pair of Nike tennis shoes. I had wanted to meet with a trainer to talk about workout programs and nutrition so took advantage of the 60 Day Challenge.

I registered, downloaded the getting started guide and I was on my way! I looked forward every Tuesday to the “Try it Tuesday” and the weekly progress check-in. It was so exciting to see my hard work pay off every week on the scale with a weight-loss and change in my BMI. I attended the Meal Prep clinic and learned how to grocery shop. I enjoyed making the wonderful recipes that were provided. I also met with Robin to talk about nutrition. My protein intake was a little low so he got me started on some protein powder for my smoothies. I loved to be able to take advantage of the healthy smoothies and meals-to-go in the Life Cafe. I have totally changed my shopping habits, I buy only good healthy foods for my body. I followed the “60 day at LAK” Facebook page. Becca did a great job answering questions and keeping participants up-to-date. I looked forward to her constant emails of encouragement and articles of interest.

I have a family history of heart disease, including losing a sister at the age of 54 to a heart attack. Battling high blood pressure and high cholesterol myself adds to my health concerns. As I am aging my weight has been creeping up and up the last 10 years. I hit an all time high of 201 and knew I needed to do something to get it under control. I lost 30 pounds last year but had hit a plateau. The 60 Day Challenge was just what I needed to kick my program up a notch. I lost 15.8 lbs and had a -11.59% change in my BMI on the 60 Day Challenge! I have more work to do but am convinced with the help of Life Time all my goals will be met! I am on a great path to a healthy heart, body, and lifestyle.

Thank you Life Time for my Pickleball Coordinator job and for all the amazing people that are helping me to attain my goals. I am happy with myself and happy to be in this beautiful state of Minnesota! “Minnesota Nice” shines through in all the new friends I have met though Life Time. I have a great sense of accomplishment and total confidence that I will achieve the healthy mind and body that I have been blessed with.