Erin S. 

Oklahoma City, OK

erin s. spring 2021

Erin’s Trainers

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Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Weight Management
Muscle Building
Strength Training

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Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Performance Enhancement
Endurance Coaching

Erin’s Story

The 60day Challenge is just what I needed to get on track to living a healthier and happier lifestyle.  I began my fitness journey four months ago, hoping to have a better year than last year.  After ending 2019 with my fourth and most medically challenging pregnancy, I went into 2020 with hopes for a better year only to be met with personal health challenges including a battle with Coronavirus in April, followed by emergency gallbladder surgery with complications of pancreatitis requiring hospitalization. I was also incredibly stressed from taking care of our family of six and this took a toll on me. It was challenging to get started, but the Navy Veteran in me was telling me to get up and try again.

I went to the gym off and on but nothing was consistent until the 2021 60day. Coach Bailey helped me map out my goals on day one when we met. We came up with two goals—I wanted to lose twenty pounds and be able to run a mile without stopping. Bailey encouraged me to start the Life Time D.TOX program, join small group fitness classes, and taught me about high-intensity interval training. My husband and I started the 60day together and we kicked it off with the D.TOX program. This program was essential to a healthy lifestyle as it helped us increase awareness of the foods we eat—reading ingredient labels was integral to making healthy choices. I developed a love for eating healthy and these habits, I believe, will continue for years to come.

I also enrolled in Alpha Strength and this helped me develop a love for exercise. Coach Jason has impeccable attention to detail and taught me the basics of Olympic weight lifting. He is an amazing teacher and even though the class has much more advanced lifters than me, he never allows me to do a set with bad form. I developed confidence in myself as I went from using only a PVC pipe to lifting heavy weights. The small group classes have also given me a chance to meet other people with similar interests. Best of all, I exceeded both of my 60day goals, losing over 20 pounds and running over three miles without stopping!

The best part about getting healthy is once you start to see results, you can’t stop. I have higher energy levels than I have had in years and feel more confident than ever before and am getting compliments from my husband and friends that are noticing the transformation. I see the 60day as a means for me to get and stay healthy long-term. Now that the program has come to an end, I will continue to set new fitness and life goals and hope to continue having success crushing each of them!

Special thank you to my husband Rajesh, Coach Bailey, and Coach Jason for helping me believe in myself again.