Shelby C.

Parker-Aurora, CO

shelby c. spring 2021

Shelby’s Trainer

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Charles S.

Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Shelby’s Story

My name is Shelby and I have been a Life Time member of the Parker club for a short 5 months! Let me tell you, that little amount of time has drastically changed my life!! During the challenge, I am down 26.8 pounds, 3 pant sizes, no longer considered obese according to my BMI, and my body fat percentage dropped by 5%.  I even lost 10 inches on my waist and hips!  But, more importantly, what I am UP is everything else and more!!

This is how it all started:

In high school, a mere 20 years ago, I was an athlete.  Weight was never an issue! Then college, marriage, 2 kids, a full-time job, life… and COVID! Fast forward to December 2020, I was the heaviest I had ever been.  None of my clothes fit.  Thank goodness we weren’t going into the office so I could wear sweats every day.  I wasn’t wearing make-up anymore.  Not getting ready at all.  NOTHING!  I did not have good eating habits, was drinking too much, and frankly was depressed.  I was not in a good place.  My best friends’ birthday was coming up and she didn’t even want to hang out with me because, let’s be honest, my life was out of control.  Thankfully, looking back now, they couldn’t go out to a restaurant because of COVID so my parents offered to host a dinner party with the two of us and our husbands.  Kid free!! The best nights!! Right?  Well, it went south quickly!  It was that night she called me out – in front of my parents.  I remember tears just streaming down my face.  How embarrassing.  I was obesely overweight, clearly not happy, and about to lose my best friend.  I decided that night something needed to change but I wasn’t sure just what yet.  The next day she said, “I have a challenge for you: join Life Time.  Try something new!”   They had been going for a few months and somehow convinced my husband and me to go look at the club the following day.  I thought we would never join, but we walked out with a family membership and I haven’t looked back!


After a couple of weeks of getting comfortable at the gym, I finally did a one-on-one session with a personal trainer.  I was paired with Danny S.  I remember sitting down telling him my goal weight and thought “only in my dreams!”.  I signed up to do two sessions a week and figured I would go from there.  How could I commit to this?  I had zero confidence, but we started anyway.  We worked hard and I was seeing good results right away, so I signed up for another month of training.  Danny then approached me about the 60day challenge, and I was ALL IN!  But then he said progress pictures were needed.  I almost backed out!  Pictures to document how fat I am?  No, thank you! “Shelby, just throw on a two-piece and snap a picture.”  As if it were that easy! I had to borrow a pair of shorts from my sister to even take the picture! At 37 years old, I didn’t own a pair of shorts!! After I took my starting pictures, that is when the weight loss got serious! I was already down about 20 pounds and needed 25 more for my goal.  We started HARD! I was doing training twice a week, homework on non-training days, supplements, walking at home, drinking soooo much water, watching my sugar intake and calories – you name it! The emails I received from my virtual coach helped as well.  That really kept me on track with my weight loss goals.  Each night I would checkmark what was completed that day and felt accomplished!  My diet changed significantly! I was eating healthy and enjoying life!!  I was happy for the first time in a long time and I finally was starting to feel good about my weight loss journey!

About halfway through the 60day challenge, other people started to notice my weight loss!!  I would come up the steps for my workout and even the other trainers would comment or ask about my progress.  When we finally returned to the office, my co-workers were shocked. I was a whole new person!!  My parents comment every single time I see them – to this day! The transformation was finally noticeable to others and I was starting to see it myself!


Today, I am a completely different person.  I am happy!  I am healthy!  I am a better wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/boss/co-worker! Every single aspect of my life changed – for the better.  Because of the 60day challenge, I met my weight loss goal and am down a total of 51 pounds! I have since bought a new wardrobe, including shorts, which I haven’t worn since high school, and I have even set a new weight loss goal – summer and swimsuits – here I come!! I am going to continue this journey and see what else lies ahead!  I am overly thankful for Life Time, Danny, my family, my support system, my best friend for calling me out, all the new friends I have met at the gym, and the other trainers for giving the extra push – every single person that has helped me on this weight loss journey!! I am forever grateful!!