Forth Worth-Alliance, TX

Gary S.

Gary’s Story

I started my weight loss journey in late January 2019 weighing in at over 330 pounds. For the current fit and festive 60day challenge, I started the challenge at 234 pounds. I started my weight loss journey because I noticed how I couldn’t do the simple things I used to be able to do before. I couldn’t mow my yard, bend over to tie my shoes, or button my pants. This lead me to become depressed and I eventually gave up caring for myself. I was making myself feel better by eating all the wrong foods, which caused my weight to go up even more. I felt that everything was spiraling, and I had lost control. It took me several years before I knew and realized something wasn’t right and I needed a change. With the help from my trainer and nutritionist, we set a path to get me exercising and change my eating habits.

The fall 60day challenge I participated in gave me the opportunity to re-commit and re-focus myself on my weight loss and nutrition. The fit and festive 60day challenge was my second challenge to participate in. On this challenge, I wanted to try and learn new things and step out of my comfort zone. After the initial 60day group exercise, we had a group yoga class. I attended the class and I was hooked. I had never done a yoga class before in my life. I started attending root yoga class and I truly enjoy it. Yoga class helps me clear my mind, work on my breathing, and is a good stretch exercise. I have also been using the recovery center during the challenge and working with a corrective stretch specialist who has helped me with muscle issues after training sessions. The hydromassage chair in the recovery center is my favorite place to relax after a workout. I have also attended foam roller classes and learned how to correctly use the foam roller on my back, thighs, and legs. I have been incorporating everything I have learned to make my training sessions and exercise more effective.

I also maintained my changes in nutrition throughout the year and also went through the Life Time Gutfix and D.TOX programs during the fit and festive 60day challenge. I feel that I have learned more about what foods work with my body and what I should avoid eating in the future. I also found inspiration in the 60day recipe guides and meal plans and started cooking more for myself. I am making wiser choices in what I eat and have been meal planning and preparing food in advance. I feel that I am better prepared in handling eating over the holidays and I can control myself during those office holiday lunches and snack breaks.

At the end of the current 60day challenge, my weight is at 209 pounds. I have lost 25 pounds on the fit and festive 60day challenge and I have lost over 120 pounds over the past year. I credit my trainer, Markus F., as one of the key people who have helped me achieve my weight loss goals. I also want to acknowledge the training, recovery, and nutrition staff at my gym for their words of encouragement, advice, and support they have given me over the past year. This challenge got me to try something new and to make use of the resources I have available to me. This 60day challenge has given me the motivation, tools, and knowledge to continue my weight loss journey.