Baybrook, TX

Natasha N.

Natasha’s Story

I love a challenge, so signing up for the 60day was a no-brainer.

Day 1. I started crying as my trainer and coach Katie asked me the simplest of questions to get to know me and understand my goals.  A couple days later, I spoke to the nutritionist Karen- I broke down again. I asked myself, why can I not get through these meetings without crying? After digging deep I realized I absolutely hate talking about myself. As a mom with a medical background, I’ve always cared for others or my children, taking their best interest into consideration- never my own. I had been eating my kids left overs, socially smoked because I was stressed out and never made time for myself. I had allowed myself get up to 265 pounds. 265 pounds!!! I was mortified. It was time to change that!

Workout plan- I knew a challenge was just what I needed to jump start my success. My goal was to lose 14-16 pounds within the 8 week challenge by working out 4-5 days a week.  Katie came up with a workout schedule for me. I enjoyed the group training classes- GTX Cut, GTX Burn, Yoga, Upper RX, Barbell Strength, and Aqua. I also completed the cardio and weight lifting workouts given to us with the 60day.

Diet plan- First, I tried Keto and lost 10 pounds. Thank goodness, movement on the scale. I felt like this was a diet I could not stay on forever, so I turned to the 60day recipe book. I gained 5 of the 10 pounds back, but stayed with it. Eating this way made me feel better, and I had so much more energy. I felt great! I logged what I ate in to MyFitnessPal. I experimented with not inputting my meals and gained everything back. What did I learn from this? I have to be religious about logging in my meals in order to see results on the scale.

Injuries- I have back, hip and pelvic pain after having children. I suffered through both pregnancies with my pelvis opening early and still have significant pain 3 years later.  My hips and pelvis go out of alignment and it is very painful, sometimes excruciatingly so. I also have knee and ankle pain. I see a chiropractor to “put me back together” a few times a month. I was very impressed that the trainers and instructors I worked with could modify exercises so I could complete my workout. Katie also came up with some great stretches and strengthening exercises that have been very beneficial. I am working to alleviate all of the pain through living a healthier lifestyle.

Fast forward to today- I’m a happier, goal oriented more optimistic me. I lost 15 pounds and gained a ton of confidence! I’m completely addicted to working out. I find myself at the gym more than I had initially planned. I work out 5-7 times a week. I meal prep and make healthy choices. I log my foods ALWAYS! I am eating healthy foods that fuel my body and focus on quality over quantity. My family even likes to eat the meals! Winning! AND my body is transforming into a leaner, stronger me!

Going forward, I will continue to prioritize my health. Life Time has become a part of our family routine. My son and daughter love the Arts and Crafts, Story Time and Yoga in the children’s area while I work out. They ask to go to the gym when we are at the house! What a great place that I am so thankful for.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful establishment filled with uplifting and motivating trainers and employees. I tell everyone how much I love my club!