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We’ve announced our Grand-Prize winners. Meet them here!

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The Spring 60day Starts March 6
Participate online or in-person

Hello you. Somewhere there is a healthier, fitter version of you waiting for its day in the sun. Well, that day is here. With 60days of daily workouts, recipes and more the spring 60day challenge is your fresh start.

Choose Your Focus

A faster metabolism. More lean muscle. Better health. What goal do you want to say hello to? During your initial assessment, let your trainer know what you want to focus on.

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Hello Metabolism

If weight loss is your priority, know that exercise is just one of the ways you’ll boost your metabolism during the challenge. Healthy habits like getting a good night’s sleep, not skipping breakfast, and staying hydrated also have a big effect on waistline.

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Hello Muscles

Building and maintaining muscle mass is incredibly important at any age. To improve your coordination, boost bone density, lower your risk of injury and enjoy more freedom of movement, you can choose to make strength your goal for the challenge.

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Hello Healthy

Choose immunity as your focus to learn lifestyle and nutrition habits that support a healthy immune system. You’ll practice making movement a daily habit, reducing stress with yoga and meditation, and fueling your body with nutrient-dense, whole foods.

Your Fresh Start Toolbox

The Spring 60day Challenge eliminates the guesswork from achieving your health and fitness goals with a proven, easy to follow program.

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Quick Start Guide

Everything you need to prep for the 60day, including meal plans and grocery lists, in one printable PDF.

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Daily Workouts

Each day you’ll receive a new strength or cardio workout that you can do with the equipment you have at home.

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Daily Recipes

Choose from more than 150 dietitian-approved recipes when you plan out your meals for the eight weeks.

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Weekly Nutrition Videos

Your questions about what to eat, how much to eat and other nutrition FAQs answered.

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Virtual Saturday Workouts

Our Saturday Sweat Sessions are where the community comes together to sweat it out virtually.

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Stat and Photo Tracking

Completely optional — for those who are motivated by the numbers, our app can track that.

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In-App Coaching

You’ll have access to a team of experts to answer your questions 1:1 via our in-app chat.

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Motivation Messages

For extra inspiration to stick with it, look no further than a motivation notification from Coach Anika.

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Apple TV Ready

If you have Apple TV or an iPad, can AirPlay your workouts from your phone to the big screen.

Hello Prizes

There is no better reward than feeling and looking your best, but just for fun, we’re giving away these awesome prizes to 4 grand-prize winners.

Br18 Beautyrest Logo Black


(ARV $3,500)


Free Treatment

(ARV $5,000)

Lifetime 429 1

Membership Dues Credit of $1,350

10 Personal Training Sessions

(ARV $2,260)

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Prize Pack

(ARV $500)

Built Logos Built Blktype

Stationary Bike

(ARV $1,250)

Every week for 8 weeks, we’ll host a different healthy habit challenge for you to track in the Life Time Training app. 3 lucky winners will be randomly selected for completing the weekly habit and staying on track!

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Daily support with our best coaches

coach anika

Want answers? Just ask. Coach Anika is online to help you anytime you’re not in the club.

Making an impact. Changing lives.



check in along the way

You can't spell challenge without change. We're so excited to hear about your 60day journey. Don't forget to submit your success story by January 4th, at 9 pm CST.⁠
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