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frequently asked questions

  1. What is the 60-Day Challenge?
    The 60-Day Challenge event hosted by Life Time for its members. It is eight weeks in which you commit to creating a healthier you! You can participate in either the ‘Weight Loss’ or ‘Transformation’ category, and choose to participate in weekly fitness classes and nutrition seminars at the club, weigh-in for accountability, track your progress versus others on the leaderboard, access daily workouts, tips and recipes online and take advantage of a virtual team of coaches, PLUS get great discounts and resources for this select audience only!
  1. Why should I do the 60-Day Challenge?
    Whether you’re in it to win it or to help hold yourself accountable for 60 days, the Challenge has something in it for everyone. By signing up you gain access to free weekly events held in the club each Tuesday and unlimited access to our virtual Transformation Team, in addition to free weigh-ins on the official InBody scale, a consultation with a Personal Trainer, a full 8-week transformation program with daily workouts, recipes and coaching tips, AND access to sweet discounts.
  1. Is the 60-Day challenge just a weight loss challenge?
    No way! The 60-Day Challenge includes a Weight Loss category AND a Transformation category—you choose which you think is best suited for you (our Personal Training staff can help you decide as well). PLUS—you get to participate in weekly events in the club led by experienced staff members—learn new workouts, gain valuable nutrition education and phenomenal lifestyle tips you can implement today.
  1. What do I get as a part of the 60-Day Challenge?
    Included in your registration fee is the following:
  • Weekly in-club events (Try-It Tuesdays) where you can try out other programs at Life Time and learn more about nutrition and fitness
  • 30 minute goal-setting session with a Personal Trainer
  • Exclusive discounts and on Life Time Training products & services
  • 8-week Transformation Program written by our experts, including:
    • Meal and Supplement Guide
    • Grocery List and Nutrition Guide
    • Over 60 fitness professional approved recipes
    • Weekly coaching videos
    • Daily workout and Exercise Guide
  • Free weekly weigh-ins and an online ‘leaderboard’ so you can track your progress compared to others competing in the Challenge across the nation and at your club
  • Unlimited access to online coaching with the 60-Day Transformation Team
  • A 60 Day “Swag Pack”
  • The chance to win National Cash Prizes ($5,000 cash + $5,000 prize pack)
  1. When does the Challenge start?
    The Challenge kicks-off Saturday, May 6th. This marks day 1 of the Challenge, but you are able to register and weigh-in until May 19th.
  1. Can non-Life Time members participate?
    Sorry, not at this time. Currently, it’s exclusively for our Life Time members, but it may be something we’re able to offer non-members in the future!
  1. Can Life Time employees participate?
    Yes, employees participate in their own challenge. The Life Time Team Member 60-Day Challenge is a separate challenge that runs during the same dates as the member challenge (may 6th through July 1st), and includes its own leaderboards and prizes.
  1. How much does it cost?
    The Challenge registration fee is $60.
  1. Are there any discounts for participants of the 60-Day Challenge?
    You bet! Weigh-in Weekend is the exclusive time during the Challenge to take advantage of awesome discounts that rarely happen throughout the year. Typically there are deals on personal training, group classes, Pilates, nutrition services, nutritional products, and more!
  1. Who can I talk to for help?
    If you have questions regarding the challenge (either before, during, or after) feel free to ask the staff at your club’s Activity Desk, Fitness Services desk, or . If you have specific nutrition and/or exercise related questions, you can also contact
  1. How can I register?
    You can register in-club or online April 1st through May 19th (seehere). However—if you register online after May 6th, you will need to schedule your initial weigh-in consultation with a fitness professional in-person at your Life Time club. Visit the Activity Desk or Fitness Services desk.
  1. When does registration close?
    The last day to register and weigh-in is May 19th, 2017.
  1. Which category (Transformation vs. Weight Loss) should I choose?
    Weight Loss is focused on shedding pounds and is measured bypercent of weight lost, while Transformation is geared towards your percent change in body fat %.
  1. Can I switch categories (i.e. change from Weight Loss to Transformation)?
    Hopefully you sign up for the appropriate Challenge from the get-go, but if you realize you were entered into the incorrect challenge or if you think the other challenge is more suitable, you have until the last day of registration/weigh-ins (May 19th, 2017) to notify a Personal Trainer at your club, or
  1. What is weigh-in weekend?
    Weigh-In Weekend is the kick-off the 60-Day Challenge (May 6-8). It is the time when most members complete their initial consultation with a Personal Trainer and do their official weigh-in. During this weekend only, exclusive discounts are available to participants. You can still register after Weigh-In Weekend – until May 19th – but the discounts will no longer be available.
  1. How long does the initial weigh-in take?
    Your initial consultation with a Personal Trainer is scheduled as a 30-minute appointment.
  1. Where should I go for my initial weigh-in?
    For your weigh-in appointment with the Personal Trainer you check-in at the front desk and then go to the Fitness Services desk on the fitness floor to check-in for your appointment. The Personal Trainer will meet you there.
  1. What’s a 60-Day Consultation?
    The consultation is a free sit-down meeting with a Personal Trainer. During this time, you discuss what you would like to accomplish in the 60 days, the various fitness and nutrition weekly events (Try-It Tuesdays), decide which Challenge category you are going to participate in, and also complete your initial weigh-in.  It is recommended to wear light-weight clothing (athletic attire not required).
  1. What if I can’t attend Weigh-In Weekend?
    No worries! You can still complete your free consultation with a Personal Trainer and have your initial weigh-in taken—just be sure to do so before May 19th, otherwise you will not be eligible for prizes.Schedule a day and time that works best for you by visiting the Fitness Services desk. Note: Weigh-In Weekend is the only time that you have access to the Challenge discounts.
  1. When is the last day I can weigh-in to compete for prizes?
    May 19th, 2017.
  1. If my initial weigh-in is after May 19th am I still eligible for prizes?
    Nope—you have to weigh-in by May 19thin order to be eligible for prizes.  BUT—you can still participate in the weekly fitness and/or nutrition events (Try-It Tuesdays) and weekly weigh-ins as long as you paid and registered for the challenge.
  1. When is the first weekly weigh-in?
    Tuesday, May 9th.  Weigh-in before or after the Try-It Tuesday event with one of our Personal Trainers at the Fitness Services desk.
  1. What’s the benefit of weighing in?
    Lots of reasons! It gives you a starting place, provides accountability, allows you to assess changes, serves as a weekly progress tracker, and if you take a peek at the leaderboardyou can see how your change compares to others in the challenge as well!
  1. Do I have to weigh-in weekly to be eligible for prizes?
    No, but you do have to complete two weigh-ins throughout the course of the Challenge. One initial weigh-in (May 9th – May 19th), and a final weigh-out (June 26th – July 1st). Everything in between is completely optional (but highly encouraged!).
  1. Where do I go to weigh-in?
    Stop at the Fitness Services desk before or after the Try-It Tuesday event and ask any of the Personal Trainers to weigh you in!
  1. Do I have to weigh-in with a Personal Trainer?
    Yes—In order for the weigh-in to be validated and submitted to the weekly leaderboard, you must weigh-in with a staff member. Plus, the InBody machine is a two-person gig in order to obtain your results.
  1. Can I track my weekly weigh-ins?
    Yes! Follow these steps:

    1. Log-in to myLT
    2. Click on “myPlan”
    3. Select, “Get Started with myPlan”
    4. Hover over “MY PROFILE” and select “Measurements”
    5. View your measurements (weigh-ins)
  1. What is the leaderboard?
    The leaderboard is a ranking of each category—Weight Loss and Transformation (divided by male and female), that displays overall rank justin regards to percentage of weight lost (for the Weight Loss Challenge) or percent change in body fat percentage (for the Transformation Challenge). The member listed first does not indicate overall winner.
  1. How do I see myself on the leaderboard?
    The leaderboard can be found here.  Then enter your nickname and it will populate where you are ranked in your category. Be sure you are looking at the correct leaderboard – Weight Loss and Transformation are separate.
  1. How do I weigh-in?
    Your initial weigh-in will be during your FREE consult with a Personal Trainer—it is recommended to wear light-weight clothing (athletic attire not required). The InBody scale is the official scale for the Challenge, and the only one in which we use to record weigh-in entries for consistency. Each week after your initial weigh-in (or whenever you so choose), you can ask a Personal Trainer at the Fitness Services desk to weigh you in and they will enter the information into the Challenge system.
  1. What statistics are displayed on the Leaderboard (how is rank determined)?
  • Weight Loss
    The leaderboard shows your percent change in weight loss per this formula:
    (Current weight – Starting weight) / Starting weight = % Change in Weight
  • For example: (180 – 200) / 200 = -10%
    In other words, you lost 10% of your starting weight
  • Transformation
    The leaderboard shows your percent change in body fat % per this formula, where PBF means percent body fat:(Current PBF – Starting PBF) / Starting PBF = % Change in PBF
  • For example: (25 – 40) / 40 = -37.5%
    In other words, you lost 37.5% of your starting body fat
  1. Can I enter my own weight?
    Nope—weigh-ins have to be completed with a Life Time Personal Trainer so that they can validate the information (plus, the InBody machine is a two-person task).
  1. What are Try-It Tuesdays?
    Try-It Tuesday events are free classes that take place each Tuesday during the 60-Day Challenge.  Many clubs offer an AM and PM event time in order to accommodate various schedules. These events range from different fitness classes (i.e. dumbbell training, group fitness classes, Pilates), to nutrition seminars (the real secret to weight loss!), and even show-case our metabolic assessments.
  1. When are Try-It Tuesdays?
    These events are every Tuesday during the challenge (if you’re counting, that makes 7 events total).  Every Tuesday evening a Try-It Tuesday will be offered, however many clubs offer additional event days & times.
  •  To see your specific club’s Try-It Tuesday schedule, follow these steps:
  1. Select your club on the new Life Time website
  2. Select the “Events” tab in the top navigation bar.
  3. Select “Weight Loss” in the “Interest” box.
  1. How long do the Try-It Tuesday events last?
    About an hour! Not a big commitment, yet a great opportunity to try some of the various classes and programs that are offered with other ‘newbies’.
  1. Where should I meet if I am going to attend a Try-It Tuesday event?
    A great place to meet is at the Fitness Services desk on the personal training floor. A Personal Training staff member will be waiting there and lead the group to the designated area that the event will take place.
  1. How’s it different from a class I already attend?
    If you are already taking advantage of some of the classes offered at the club, the Try-It Tuesday event may not be much different.  The goal of these events is to give a snap-shot of various workouts and programs that are offered and allow you to try 7 different fitness/nutrition-related classes. It may be a great time for you to revisit the fundamentals of the class you are already taking, or experience it with a different Personal Trainer leading it!
  1. Do I have to sign-up?
    Nope, feel free to come to any of our Try-It Tuesday as they fit into your schedule. There is no need to register in advance!
  1. What is the Virtual Transformation Team?
    The Virtual Transformation Team is a group of eight Registered Dieticians and/or Personal Trainers that bring more than 40 years of combined experience and thousands of tips and ideas to the Challenge. Think of them as your own personal cheering squad.
  1. When can I contact the Virtual Transformation Team?
    Each week, the Transformation Team will be serving up weekly articles, tips, recipes, videos and more via email. You can reply to these emails at any time – No question is off limits! They will typically respond within 2-3 business days.
  1. What can I ask the Virtual Transformation Team?
    You can ask the Team almost anything related to fitness and nutrition. They can provide tips, advice, concrete answers and recommendations for you. That being said, there is only so much a virtual coach can do, so if you need further assistance, consider reaching out to a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach at your club for in-person help.

How can I track my progress?
Each time you weigh-in, the Personal Trainer that weighed you in will enter your information into the Challenge system. You are able to log-in to myLT and view your account at any time and track your progress week to week.

What’s average results in 60 Days?
In our past 60 Day Challenges, members have found the below success, on average:

  • Weight Loss
    Average pounds lost for participants with at least two weigh-ins is 11 lbs
  • Transformation
    Average percentage of body fat with at least two weigh-ins is 3.5% in total body fat.
  1. What is a weigh-out?
    A weigh-out is your last recorded weight and/or body fat percentage measurement taken using the InBody machine. If you are going to complete a weigh-out, it must be done between June 26th and July 1st, 2017 by 5:00pm local time.
  1. Why should I weigh out?
    To see how you did in the past 60-days! PLUS, once you weigh-out, you put yourself in the running to win some big prizes – valued at up to $10,000! So the question now is, why wouldn’t you weigh-out?
  1. What is Weigh-Out Week?
    Weigh-Out Week marks the last week of the 60-Day Challenge and your last chance to complete your final weigh-in with a Personal Trainer. Weighing-out during this time is required if you want to be eligible for prizes.
  1. When is Weigh-Out Week?
    Weigh-Out Week is June 26th through July 1st.
  1. Who do I weigh-out with?
    Your weigh-out, as every other weigh-in measurement, must be done with a Personal Training staff member. It does not have to be with the same Personal Trainer that you first met with—any of them can assist you and enter your information into the Challenge system.
  1. What do I need to do in order to be eligible to win?
    To be eligible for prizes, you must do the following:

    1. Weigh-in with a Personal Trainer between May 6th and May 19th.
    2. Weigh-out with a Personal Trainer between June 26th and July 1st.
    3. Submit your 3 “before” photos, 3 “after” photos, and a personal essay/success story between June 26th and July 3rd, by 9:00pm CST. This submission should be submitted online to: portal is only open between June 26th and July 3rd).


  1. How do I submit my photos and essay?
    Please submit your 6 photos (3 “before” and 3 “after”) as well as your personal essay to any time between June 26th and July 3rd, by 9:00pm CST.
  1. When are the photos and essay due?
    Submit your photos and essay any time between June 26th and July 3rd, by 9:00pm CST. No—we do not accept late entries. You have more than a week to get this in. No excuses.
  1. What is the personal essay/success story?
    The personal essay or your success story of your last 60 days is your chance to showcase your goals during the Challenge, how Life Time helped you achieve your results, how your lifestyle changed, and how you plan to maintain these changes. The essay character limit is 5,000; we will only read and judge the first 5,000 characters (this is approximately 800 words).
  1. What are “before” and “after” photos?
    Three “before” photos and three “after” photos are required in order to be eligible for prizes. Even if you’re not competing for prizes, we highly recommend all members to take these photos as they are a great way to show overall physical change. See herefor how to take these photos.
  1. What do I do with my “before” and “after” photos?
    If you are competing for prizes, these photos need to be submitted (along with your personal essay) to June 26th and July 3rd, by 9:00pm CST. “Before” photos should not be submitted until the end of the Challenge – Please save these in a safe place on your computer.
  1. How do I take my “before” and “after” photos?
    Three poses of “before” photos (front view, side view, and back view) as well as three poses of “after” pictures should be taken. To help ensure these photos are recent and within the 60-Day Challenge time period, we recommend wearing your color wristband. Other tips and recommendations for these photos can be found here.
  1. What if I don’t have a wristband?

If your club ran out of wristbands or you did not receive one over Weigh-In Weekend, no problem! Though we recommend you wear the wristband in your photo, you will not be penalized for not having it. You can go ahead and take your photos as normal!

  1. What are the prizes?
    There are four national winners (one male and one female in the Weight Loss category; one male and one female in Transformation category)—who each receive a grand-prize pack valued at $10,000! The 8 remaining runners-up will each receive $500. All members who participated in the Spring 60 Day Challenge may also be entered into a separate prize pool, and 2 (one male and one female) will win the “Committed Challenger Award” of $2,500.
  1. How many winners are there?
    14 winners total!  Four winners receive the grand-prize pack worth $10,000 and 8 runners-up receive $500. 2 winners receive the “Committed Challenger Award” of $2,500.
  1. What’s the judging criteria?
  • Weight Loss judging criteria—scores are based on overall weight loss as shown in before and after photos (30%); your personal essay (20%); and weight loss (50%)
  • Transformation judging criteria—scores are based on overall transformation as shown in before and after photos (50%); personal essay (30%); and body fat loss (20%)
  1. Are there club winners?
    No, there are no winners awarded at the club-level.
  1. How do I vote for finalists?
    The top 3 finalists in each category will be selected by the judging panel at corporate. These will be displayed on lifetime60day.comon Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 12:00pm CST through Monday, July 24th, 2017 at 5:00pm CST. A corporate panel will select the “Committed Challenger Award” winners.
  1. If I’m ranked high on the leaderboard am I guaranteed a prize?
    Not necessarily – the top 3 selected for voting are chosen based on a combination of body composition change, “before” and “after” photos, as well as personal essay. Therefore, just because you are ranked #1 on the leaderboard does NOT mean that you are the national finalist.
  1. How are the winners chosen?
    A corporate committee reviews each entry and selects the top 3 for voting for each category based on the judging criteria listed above. Those top 3 are then included in the online voting process, and the grand prize winners will be determined based on a judging panel from Life Time (60%) and the highest number of public votes on the website as of 5:00pm CST on July 24th, 2017 (40%). These members will win the grand prize. The other 8 runners-up will win $500 each. A corporate committee will review for the “Committed Challenger Award” based on the criteria above and the 2 individuals (one male and one female) with the highest scores will win.
  1. What are the official rules to win?
    For all rules details, please see here.