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frequently asked questions

The 60day is a program that provides the daily support, resources and motivation for anyone looking to jumpstart their goals and live a healthier life.

  • To reach your goals – no matter how big or small.
  • To learn how to live better day to day.
  • To get the right support and helpful information.
  • To be a part of a community of like-minded individuals – everyone you meet in the in-club trainer workouts is going through the same experience as you!

Included in the $60 registration fee is an online program that you can access at any time with daily workouts, a Get Started Guide, coaching videos, healthy recipes (with a downloadable eBook), and tons of informational content about nutrition and fitness. Plus our virtual coaches check in weekly via email, which you can then respond to at any time with questions. In the club, you’ll get a weekly progress check-ins, classes led by a Personal Trainer every Tuesday and Saturday, and exclusive access to discounts on Life Time Training products and services.

The 60day starts with Kick-Off Weekend, which is November 10-12. It ends with Achievement Week December 31-January 5.

You can register online right here, or you can speak to a Personal Trainer or someone at the Activities Desk to sign up at the club!

Yes! The 60day can give you the support you need on the days you’re not working with your trainer & give you access to great motivational and nutrition content.

Sorry, not at this time. Currently, it’s exclusively for our Life Time members, but it may be something we’re able to offer non-members in the future!

This weekend kicks off the 60day (November 10-12). During this time, you’ll complete your complimentary initial consultation with a Personal Trainer to assess your starting point and map out your game plan for success. Plus, get exclusive discounts only valid this weekend.

The online progress trackers shows your progress (using percent change) throughout the 60day. It is sorted alphabetically by nickname, or you can search for yourself quickly by entering your nickname in the search bar. Make sure you are looking at the correct progress tracker (weight loss tracking vs. body fat tracking).

The progress tracker shows your percent change using the following formula:
(Starting – Current) / Starting = Percent Change

Weight loss example: (200 – 180) / 200 = 10% change
In other words, you lost 10% of your starting weight

Body fat loss example: (40 – 25) / 40 = 37.5% change
In other words, you lost 37.5% of your starting body fat

There may be a few reasons something is showing incorrectly on the progress tracker:

  1. The progress tracker is not live, and only updates once per week on Sundays at 9:00am CST. If your stats are entered after the most recent progress tracker refresh, they won’t display until the following refresh.
  2. You may be on the wrong page – the weight loss and body fat loss progress trackers are separate, so make sure you are looking at the correct one.
  3. Your nickname may be entered incorrectly – Ensure you are typing in your nickname without any typos

If you still seeing issues on the progress tracker, please email

These 60-minute classes are a chance to engage with other participants, learn helpful nutrition info, and break a sweat in some fun cardio and strength training exercises. You’ll be led through as workout by a personal trainer, and learn how to use equipment you may not be familiar with.

Class schedules are club specific. You can find the class schedule here. No RSVP is needed.

Three poses of “before” photos (front view, side view, and back view) as well as three poses of “after” pictures should be taken. To help ensure these photos are recent and within the 60-Day time period, we recommend wearing your color wristband (though it’s not required). Other tips and recommendations for these photos are as follows:

  • Dress in swimsuit or similar clothing
  • Clearly show 60-Day wristband (recommended, not required)
  • Show 3/4 body or full body to show weight loss or transformation
  • Standing comfortably, without pushing out or sucking in your stomach

Grand Prize: 2 male and 2 female winners will receive a prize pack worth $5,000, including a year-long membership and and personal training.

Submission Prize: All participants who submit a success story and before and after photos that meet minimum requirements will receive 60 LTBUCk$

Team Member Prize: 2 male and 2 female team members will each receive 300 LTBUCK$

A corporate committee judges each entry and selects the top 10 males and top 10 females, determined based on “before” and” after” photos (50%) and essay (50%) – please note stats are no longer included in the judging process. Then, the top 20 will be included in the online voting process January 28-30. The grand-prize winners will be determined based in their individual judging score (60%) and total online votes (40%).

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