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Starting back in August, I rejoined Life Time with hopes to save my life. I was on a path to obesity and health related problems. I have spent my entire life in an environment with little to no exercise and very poor nutrition habits. I was eating poorly every single day. Working out was not even a consideration in my daily routine. You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore. This time last year, if you had told me that I would be waking up to workout at 5am with my crazy trainer, I would have laughed. Now I (almost) look forward to it! I knew I had to make a change, and fast, if I wanted to life a full life.

My health and fitness goals for 2017 were to lose 100 lbs, get body fat under 20%, and consistently eat right and workout. All achieved! The 60-Day Challenge has been an integral part of making all of these goals possible. After 2 challenges, I am currently down 100lbs and 15% body fat. I have gotten stronger, more flexible, more confident, a have a new wardrobe and a lot more years on my life.

I got with my trainer, Clare, and started working out 6-7 days a week, but most importantly completely changed my nutrition habits. I was eating fast food and eating out for almost every meal before and now eat my homemade meals and healthy shakes every day. I have also grown to LOVE the D.TOX! I was beginning to feel better and I knew I had the potential to reach all of my new goals and become a new person.

I won the in-club Weight Loss Challenge for the Fall Challenge and couldn’t be more excited. I was down just over 30lbs in that challenge. My real goal of the Challenge was to go to my yearly checkup and amaze my doctor with my progress. He didn’t even believe it was me! I of course joined the next 60-Day Challenge for the Holiday Challenge and decided to do the transformation category this time. About midway through the Challenge I met my 100 lbs weight loss goal! Now my focus is on body fat. I added in Pilates and yoga to help my sore body from all these crazy workouts I never thought I would be able to do.¬† My body fat has also dropped significantly and I feel amazing.

Life Time has become a necessary part of my life and I look forward to it every day. This year has been a lot of hard work and determination but I can now say with pride that I am living a healthy lifestyle and saved my own life.