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Amy L.

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Before this challenge I was tired, frustrated, overweight, and feeling helpless and hopeless.  I was ready to throw in the towel and just settle on what and who I was.  I had already entered a few 60-Day Challenges prior but always lost steam and never weighed out.  It made me not a happy person on the inside.  The fact that I was not be able to finish what I started was really playing with my emotions and self-confidence.  Then came along the Holiday 2017 Challenge.  What made this different from any of the others?  This time I promised myself I was going to finish, take matters seriously, apply myself and just do this for ME.

You see, I’m a mom of two small children and nothing was for ME first! EVER!  So I started with Team ALPHA and immediately connected with and respected my trainer, Jenna Marie Rau.  She showed me and told me what was expected and to be honest, I had lots of doubts about whether or not I was capable.  I never thought I could get through this class.  Those squat racks were always so intimidating let alone just being on that floor.  But, because I wanted not to fail again – I trusted her and the fact that she believed in me before I even believed in myself.  I showed up to class willing to do whatever it took to make changes in ME.  I wanted to feel good in my own skin and not just be that happy face on the outside while inside I did not want to even look at myself in the mirror.  I wanted to exude confidence AND have my clothes fit.  As time went on, I found myself really looking forward to my ALPHA training.  I started feeling stronger, keeping up with the rest of the class and eventually breaking my own previous weights and times.  Pairing this with better nutrition and really being mindful of what I was putting in my body, the numbers on the scale gradually went down.  The actual task of getting on the scale no longer put me in a dark place.  I started to look forward to the progress that was being made.  I found myself wanting to spend more time in general at Life Time to see what else I was capable of, how it would change my body and mind and who else could I possibly inspire to do what I was doing.   The snowball effect of a healthier lifestyle was now a reality instead of something unattainable.  Feeling better about myself and happier on the inside is now showing on the outside.  It’s making my relationships with others effortless.  I’m a stronger mom and role model to my kids.  I’m a better wife to my husband.  I’m just a happier ME!

Seeing the results that I have experienced has inspired me to think BIG.  I want to share this amazing journey with others.  Showing them that, if you really want something bad enough and put in the work, the reward is that much greater.  It’s proved to me that although there can be many distractions and that it absolutely can be the hardest thing to do some days, it’s worth it, I’m worth it!!!

I have already committed to the next 60-Day Challenge, continuing with Team ALPHA and just seeing where and how far this healthy new ME can go!!!!  Because if you always do what you always did – you’ll always get what you always got… Change is good… and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in these last 60 days it’s NEVER GIVE UP!