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WOW! New year, new outlook, new life style, new body. This lifestyle change has brought me renewed energy in my day to day life. I am very excited about how far I have come and look forward to new challenges! I am a 57 year old female that feels better than I ever have in my life. I have just completed my second 60-Day Challenge. The first Challenge I did was in August. I thought about doing the Challenge for a while. If I was going to do the Challenge I knew I needed the right trainer. Nicki Wrass-Cross is definitely the right trainer to meet your goals. She knows the program inside and out. She is well aware that it takes determination, dedication, exercise, nutrition, supplements, and teamwork! Through her guidance and mentorship I lost 41% of my overall body fat. I am truly grateful for her constant encouragement to push me a little further each time.

I decided to do the Holiday 60-Day Challenge because my husband saw my results and felt it was time to change his lifestyle. I wanted to do whatever I could to help him. We signed up to do the Holiday Challenge together – and it was a joy to work together on our goals.  Once again, Nicki Wrass-Cross has successfully helped another Life Time member to make their dreams a reality. My husband reached his goal of his desired weight and body fat loss! I am so proud of his success!

This is not an easy program to begin with. When you combine the nutrition and workout schedule it becomes very challenging. Doing the second Challenge with my husband helped us both get through the program over the holiday season.  I don’t think we would have been successful on our own, but doing it together helped us both to eat right throughout the holidays and accomplish our goals together.