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It’s Been a Challenging Year

16 lbs

average weight gain in quarantine


are snacking
out of boredom


are struggling to stay physically active
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How About a Challenge That’s Finally Fun?

You’ll choose the program that best supports your goals for the Challenge. Each one provides a strong foundation for building better habits with customizable support, tools, and resources.

y4y card weight loss

Weight Loss

What it is: Focus on nutrition and lifestyle habits that promote fat loss.

How it helps: Great for those who need a kickstart back on track or have a goal of losing 10+ pounds. 

y4y card muscle building

Muscle Building

What it is: Focus on building and maintaining muscle.

How it helps: Specific nutrition and supplement recommendations to help fuel performance and muscle growth.

y4y card health immunity

Health & Immunity

What it is: Focus on lifestyle and nutrition habits to support a healthy immune system.

How it helps: Maintain your current physique or improve your health with tools, tips and resources.

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Your Tools for Success

Our virtual coaches will provide you with daily fitness, nutrition and lifestyle advice – plus, these tools that are included in your Get Started Guide.

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Access to the Life Time training app and exclusive 60day participant hub


Daily meal plans and recipes with grocery lists


Tracking progress and habits with your virtual coach, using the Life Time Training app


Daily workouts including virtual trainer-led workouts every Saturday


Guidelines about how to set up a healthy plate

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Virtual nutrition coaching and videos with tips to keep you on track


Four grand-prize winners will be selected to receive an exclusive prize pack


Exclusive discounts on nutrition products with access to program kit upgrades

vip ticket

Weekly challenges with the chance to win bonus prizes, such as HOKA shoes

member highlights

Daily support with our best coaches

coach anika

Want answers? Just ask. Coach Anika is online to help you anytime you’re not in the club.

Making an impact. Changing lives.



check in along the way

'Tis the season for sugar showing up everywhere. ⁠
Try to limit sneaky sources in your everyday foods, so when the time is right, you can indulge in your favorite holiday treats.
Motivation won't always be there. Discipline is key.
Thanksgiving treats without the baking. ⁠
Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving.⁠
Link in bio for recipe.
What are some things you're grateful for this week? ⁠
Check out the link in bio for tips to live happy and healthy.
Don't overcomplicate it.
Contrary to popular belief, meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated or laborious. ⁠
Check out the link in bio to learn expert meal prep tips.⁠
Protein Frequency > Total Amount of Protein⁠
Are you spreading your protein out during the day or eating it all in one meal? ⁠
Check out the link in bio to learn more.⁠
Your Sunday mantra to keep in mind for the week ahead.