Amanda M.

Fort Worth, TX

Amanda’s Story

Successfully completing the 60day Challenge has been ‘all that and bag of chips’ (baked, not fried of course). It’s been a very welcome lifestyle change, not only for the physical transformation but also for the renewed mental health. To better communicate the proper vibe of this Fall’s 60day Challenge, feel free to read the below section to the tune of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (Song by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince):

Now this is a story all about how
My abs got flipped-turned inside out
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how the Life Time in Fort Worth got me there

I had sprained my back, I was in a haze
I was eatin’ lots of sugar on most of my days
Chillin’ out, snackin, and actin’ a fool
Still I wouldn’t wear my swimsuit out at the pool
Then 60day came and I knew that I should
Get in with a trainer in the LT hood
I had one consult and Christa had me prepared
She said “Nutrition, Water, Movement, and Sleep and you’re there”

I worked out really hard day after day
And steadily my body fat was fading away
I got muscle from the weights, the app was my ticket
And went to some classes where I jab-punched and kicked it

Sweat Sessions, yo not so bad
Even joined this competition with my mom and dad
Is this what a finalist feels like?
Either way, I feel alright!

Played lots of Pickleball, the end date was near
And noticed that I didn’t hate myself in the mirror
Inspired by my Dad – being top 10 was rare
He encouraged me to try to see how I’d fare
Keeping up with three kids aged five, seven, and eight
Loving Kids Academy “Bye boys, smell ya later!”
I looked at my scale
I was finally there
To high-five my team with great results to share

And that’s been my journey in a nutshell – upbeat and “fresh”. Before the 60day Challenge, I had a back injury and a lot of pain. In my “before” photos, you can even see that my back doesn’t look right. My joints were inflamed, and I was honestly nervous to work out too hard for fear of getting reinjured. I had a straight addition to sugar, something I like to blame my dad for! With that being said, I watched my dad conquer those same things when he joined the 60day Challenge in the Spring, where he ended up being a national finalist (Russell E)!

Despite my nerves, I joined Christa’s team and she got me motivated. My goals were to cut out sugars and “kid snacks”, drastically increase my protein and get a better understanding of my macros, and do a combination of weights and low-intensity cardio for my workouts. Doing the combination of these activities would result in less inflammation, increased muscle, and decreased body fat. I completed the 60day Challenge losing more than 10 pounds and going from 25.2% body fat down to 18.8%!

I don’t think I could have achieved these goals without Life Time. The group fitness classes and Sweat Sessions were my favorite days – the variety of workout styles and the personalities of each trainer made fitness fun! And on days where I couldn’t make it to a class, the Life Time Training app was an excellent source for weight-training exercises. The abundance of pickleball courts was always calling my name so I got many-a LISS workouts on the courts. The LifeCafe saved the day with protein shakes (the Mocha Java protein became an easy favorite). And bless the Kids Academy – not only can I leave my kids there with enough time to get in a solid (much needed) workout, but they LOVE going to play with their community of friends and participating in the programs. My coach Christa was crucial in helping me identify realistic goals and keep me motivated throughout the challenge, both in person and through communication in the Life Time Training App.

My lifestyle has changed mainly because I now know how to properly balance my nutrition and make it a habit. I can now use appropriate form and gradually increase weights to strengthen without the fear of getting hurt (lots of glute work!). Because of the training insights, the accessibility of the club, and the people I’ve met throughout this program – I have the accountability to maintain this improved lifestyle long term. To stay on trend with the 90’s theme here, I suppose we can just say that this program has been Da Bomb and I’m pumped to have been a part of it!