Amber B.

Centennial, CO

Amber’s Story

What can 60 days of accountability, community and nutrition support do for me? WAY more than I ever thought it could! I lost 8 pounds, 4 inches off my waist, and 6% body fat overall. All while also gaining 1.5 pounds of muscle too! I am now lifting almost double the starting weight on my shoulder press, hip thrust, and lunges as well as beating every number in my initial assessment workout on the final day!

In these last 8 weeks, I have not only proved to myself that I can crush my goals, but I have modeled for my three children what consistency, resilience, and commitment look like. How amazing it feels to set intentions, chase a goal and complete it! I have been working out at Life Time Centennial since 2020. Always going through the motions of my usual weightlifting routine. I had never done a fitness class or hired a trainer before. I flew solo, doing it all on my own for so long. Getting in and out, I forgot what it felt like to reach for more and step out of my comfort zone. I was so excited to tell coach Ismay I was “all in” to make big changes!

I had three goals for this challenge. The first was to take control of my nutrition and fuel my body for functionality and fitness. I chose to accomplish this by leaving behind my trigger foods (dairy and gluten) that I hadn’t removed in a long time. I felt so uncomfortably bloated from neglecting my eating, that my jeans no longer fit in the waist, nor did I feel comfortable wearing my normal crop tops. I am elated to report that I have learned to love eating foods that my body receives happily. Ismay and the Life Time nutrition team helped remind me that my body deserves respect and when I change up my routine and try new things, it can open a new door to a fun way to eat and enjoy healthy food. My second goal was a piggyback to my first. I have a large separation in my abs since having my last baby. I have never been patient enough to do the proper core work to help close the gap and strengthen my core. I wanted to put energy on focusing my workouts to give better attention to my separation and gain back control of my waistline.

I introduced various planks, isometric holds, and the power plate, as well as gaining so much knowledge from the Sweat 60 Pilates team workout with personal trainer, Ken. This concentration was a challenge but such a welcome change to my routine. I’m blown away that I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist! Even better, I have started wearing my favorite clothes again. Losing the inches is so liberating but I have also gained the freedom to choose how I want to feel. My last, and most impactful, goal was to put myself first. To shed the weight and stress of motherhood and focus on myself every day for just 60 days. I am a mother of three strong-willed, empathetic, and kind children. Jace is four years old and is a bright, energetic, and sweet boy. He is the traditional last child and is a Velcro to me most days. He is asthmatic and has spent a lot of time in the hospital for breathing treatments, so I constantly worry about his environment. My middle son Alex is my social, silly, kindhearted boy. He loves with his whole heart and uses laughter to light up a room. Alex was born with Spina Bifida, clubbed feet, hydrocephalus and neurogenic bowel and bladder. We were told he would not have any quality of life and it would be best if we tried again for a “healthy” baby. Flash forward and he’s the joy of our lives. Palmer is my oldest daughter and the glue that keeps us all together. She is helpful, confident, and passionate. All this to say, I take my job as a mom as the highest honor. This often leads to me giving them all of me with little left in the tank. In Between the regular parenting duties, I homeschool, work as a caregiver for my middle son’s medical needs as well as work part-time as a family portrait photographer. I love people and caring for those who need it most.

I joined this challenge to shake things up and set goals in the short term but what I didn’t realize it would show me is how important it is for me to prioritize my needs and ambitions as an individual outside of my role as a mother. I absolutely love Life Time Centennial and the fact that I can include my kids in my wellness journey. They can take fitness classes like Game Face on Saturdays when I work out upstairs. They can share in my small wins, and I can celebrate their fun crafts and stories from the Kids Academy. I am honestly blown away by what the 60day Challenge has done for me. I feel lighter and more confident in myself. I made new friends and found a community of amazing trainers and members who I can root for in the gym. I no longer feel like I’m all on my own in my fitness journey at Life Time and have already celebrated from the rooftops with my family and recommended it to friends who asked what the secret to my transformation success was. A huge thank you to my trainer, Ismay, for pushing me out of my comfort zone with her compassion and strength.