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Since the start of Life Time’s Spring 60-Day challenge every aspect of my life and my outlook towards the future has changed completely. Before these last 5 months I felt absolutely horrible about my weight and appearance. I could hardly look at myself long enough to brush my teeth. I was having a lot of trouble functioning as a husband and father. As small business owner, my poor health was forcing me to scale back my operations and turn clients away.

At the start of the Spring 60-Day challenge I was 278 pounds and in the worst shape of my life with hypertension, chronic pain and sleep apnea. I was taking multiple pain medications and then multiple additional medications to deal with the side effects from the pain meds. It was time for me to stop using chronic pain as an excuse for my miserable health. With the support of Life Time, my trainer (Taylor) and nutritionist (Kelsey) I was able win 1st place in the club with the spring challenge. The spring challenge opened my eyes to what I could accomplish and how amazing I could feel. I knew that spring challenge was just my first step on my weight loss challenge. There was at least 3 weeks left in the spring challenge and I was already looking ahead to the summer challenge. I signed up for the spring challenge with the goal to lose weight. I signed up for summer challenge to finish my lifestyle transformation! With this challenge I was able to lose an additional 33 pounds. In February, my body fat was 34.6%, today it is 14% (57% change).

Now realizing that my capabilities have increased completely I am taking on more work. It is amazing to see as I get healthier from week to week and month to month, now how much more I can do. It is obvious everyday how my role as a father and husband have improved just by the looks on my wife and daughter’s faces. The previous looks of concern have been replaced with smiles and pride. Never in my lifetime would I think that anyone would ask me for weight loss advice or be explaining how I lost over 70 pounds. I am proud to share my journey of how I made a lifestyle change for myself with the support of Lifetime. As this summer challenge ends and I reflect over the last 5 months, all that I can do is smile at all the hard work and good choices that have led to a new way of life!