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Matt C.

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Angelique’s Story

Let me begin by saying this past year has been full of some of the biggest, most challenging major life changes I’ve encountered so close together thus far in my life. Some really good things and some really tough things, but stress is stress…getting married at 36 (the greatest blessing but that much more challenging to combine lives), my husband was in the hospital for a week a month after we were married, moving, both of us starting new jobs mine being here at Life Time… and the list goes on.

I know too well the spiral that can happen when life gets out of control for too long because 10 years ago I was almost 100lbs heavier. So when the Fall 60day sign up came around I was beyond ready for a reset. I was stress eating carbs galore and not being as consistent with other HWOL habits. I also wanted to learn how to work with my body better. Sometimes my muscles would feel fatigued in workouts when they shouldn’t and I had suspicions that my nutrient ratios were off.

Meeting about my nutrition after my RMA and AMA and getting my protein/carb ratio in check was a huge door that unlocked a lot for me. I was definitely not getting enough protein consistently and even though not all the carbs I was eating were bad I was still eating more than I needed. I also wanted to challenge myself not only physically but spiritually as well, it’s all connected. Most importantly I wanted to take my HWOL to the next level as my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I want my body to be in the strongest healthiest place it can be to hopefully help with conceiving, carrying, and raising children because as I age I know it’s not going to get any easier.

I told Matt when I started that one of my main physical goals was to get stronger, to push myself to see just how much change I could see in 60 days. I want to be able to do at least one pull up (never been able to do one) and normal pushups.  Heavier weight training was never something I’d done so I started training with Matt twice a week. I can’t even begin to put into words how this has transformed how I feel. I’m a massage therapist, so maintaining strength and health is crucial to the longevity of my career. I struggle with patella-femoral issues and have dislocated my patella 3 times so finding exercises that help and don’t hinder can be a challenge but weight lifting has been helpful! I also have scoliosis and I have been working more specifically to correct it over the past 3 months or so with chiropractic care and strength training came into play at the perfect time. My low back rarely feels that fatigue/ache anymore and I attribute that mainly to the strength training. I can even see a huge improvement in my posture and curve in my before and after photos.

I am a morning person, but prior to 60day I would talk myself out of getting moving some mornings for no real reason. I started consistently getting up between 4-5am to start my day with prayer time and breakfast followed by getting workout in before work or other events of the day. It by no means was always easy to get up and move, but every day I did was worth it. This transformed my energy and sleep quality. I tried to be in bed by 9pm most nights. I’ve now started waking up most mornings even before my alarm. Many days I’d just be on the treadmill or something and one of the PTs or group fitness instructors would walk by and give me a high 5 or just check in to see how I was feeling, this motivation and accountability was priceless. Kettlebell Kombine and Xtreme are 2 of my favorite classes that I kept as regular workouts during the challenge. Food prep day has gotten easier but was sometimes still a time challenge. Having the Life Cafe as a backup when I fell behind was super helpful.

After I took my after pictures and put them next to my before’s I was truly overcome by so many emotions with how much change and growth I saw in myself. This change goes way beyond what I see on the outside. To get spiritually and physically stronger to be ready to take on anything God lays before me was my foundation goal. I’m ready to take on the next 60 days and keep a consistent balance with the nutrition ratios that I’ve learned are good for my body. This is just the beginning of a new chapter for me. I’m now able to do a few normal pushups, and I’m closer every day to a pull up. I will continue strength training not only until I can do a pull up but for as long as I am able because this has made the biggest difference in how my body feels.  From the beginning my goal was never to focus on how I looked but to stay honed in on how I was feeling, and was that stronger and healthier. I can say without a doubt that I’m stronger and healthier than I have been probably ever in my life and I feel like that shows from the inside first and shines outward. Knowledge is power, and the tools I’ve gained these past couple months to work with my body better makes taking on life’s hills and valleys much less intimidating.