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Beth R.

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This 60 Day Challenge has been really special to me.  This was the first time I had a partner who was my middle son, Cary.  He has been such a motivation to me.  I loved our workouts together.  We would laugh, challenge each other and try and do our best.  He wanted the best for me and I watched his success each day. What made this exceptional is that his nickname was BethsSon and mine was CarysMom –  Although it began as a joke, it turned into a reality after the first week when we both experienced success.  We looked forward to our collaboration in the Cafe talking about what went well and then implementing our path of success upstairs in the gym.  I might not have been able to pick up his tire but boy I was able to keep up with him which felt incredible.

Special Note for my son Cary: you are amazing.  I am in awe of your success and your motivation drives my spirit today and always.

I want to thank my son for being a true inspiration, his Personal Trainer, Franke, and my Personal Trainer, Arianny.  You are all amazing and provided many gifts during this process of health and wellness.  I am lucky that you all have taken a personal interest in me.  It means more than you realize.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.