Brad J.

Frisco, TX

Brad’s Story

My Life Time 60day Challenge really began when I first visited Life Time in Frisco, TX. Being a paraplegic and using a wheelchair for more than 32 years, I hoped to find a hand cycle, for cardio workouts, and a swimming pool. I wanted to be able to take better care of myself. During my tour of the facility, I saw the “holy grail”, the hand cycle or Upper Body Ergometer. I swear I saw light shining down on it from the heaven. I also saw the pool with a lift that I needed to help me get in and out. I could hardly contain my excitement. During the tour, a personal trainer, Sarah Winchester, walked by and gave me this look that said, “I can help this guy.” I then set up my complimentary initial training consultation with Sarah and learned of her experience working with wounded warriors who now use wheelchairs. Ergo, the “look” she gave me.

Sarah has shown me that Life Time has a wide variety of things I can do to reach my goals and that I’m not limited to just the hand cycle and pool. She soon mentioned the Life Time 60day Challenge. I was scared, but she encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. Soon I was “all-in”! My Life Time 60day Challenge goals:

1. Lose weight

I’ve weighed in at my lowest weight in twenty-one years! Summer 2001

I used a Life Time personal trainer during the 60day Challenge. Sarah’s expertise was monumental. She kept my training sessions fresh and fun. She incorporated the use of resistance bands, battle rope, and rowers, as well as Pilates and pickleball, both of which I never dreamt I could do. Pickleball quickly became my favorite way of exercising. Since being injured, I have never found a more fun, exciting way to get moving, exercise, and socialize with others all at the same time. In fact, one of my goals is to enter a wheelchair doubles tournament, with Sarah, in Spring of ’23! The Life Time staff and pros were so supportive and encouraging. Catalina “Cat”, Colin and El’on all offered words of encouragement and when possible, took personal time to play and instruct me on the rules and strategy of the game to make it more enjoyable to play.

2. Develop a consistent routine of exercise

The 60day Challenge gave me motivation, exercising more than 30 times during the Challenge.

3. Eat nutritious meals

I took full advantage of the hundreds of healthy and nutritious recipes provided by Life Time. Following those recipes, with Sarah’s nutrition guidance to reach my personal goals and my wife’s support in preparing those nutritious and delicious meals and snacks, I have been able to develop a habit of eating healthy, well-rounded meals. Additionally, Life Time made following the 60day Challenge easy by providing:

  • Daily and weekly exercise routines via the Life Time Training App
  • Daily “do something” reminders
  • Weekly emails
  • Habit challenges (easy lifestyle changes) to earn prizes within the Challenge
  • New workout routines
  • Videos of nutritional tips and hacks from Coach Anika

The Life time 60day Challenge has helped me to see that even with my physical challenges, the only limitations I have are those I place on myself. Life Time and Sarah, have opened my eyes to a new and healthy way of life. My journey has just begun. Making a habit of daily purposeful movement has helped me both physically and mentally. I look forward to the days, weeks, and years ahead as I am now able to, again, travel with my wife to visit family and friends and an occasional weekend trip to the ocean, which my wife loves.

Life Time is not just a gym, it’s a culture, where everyone who walks through those doors, be it a member or Life Time team member, are like family. Kendal and JJ were always sure to greet me by name. Lisa would say “see you tomorrow!”, as I left, motivating me to show up and “do something” the next day. I couldn’t let her down. GM Rajshad and David F. are always walking the floor offering encouragement and making sure I had everything I needed to be successful. David, a club engineer, knew how important the hand cycle was to me. When it broke down, he got a replacement in less than two weeks! And when it arrived, he had it set up and ready to use in less than an hour. Countless other Life Time staff were there to help and encourage. Trainers Meghan, Angela, Catherine, and Jess, were cheerleaders and always there to help even though I wasn’t their client. The Recovery staff is always welcoming with a “how can I help” attitude. Dr. Logan took time to offer a stretching tip to help me gain better range of motion in my shoulders. I truly felt as if all Life Time team members had a vested interest in my success. Several club members, who were there working as hard as I was toward their own goals, would come up and offer encouragement.

I am so excited to continue on my journey, applying the knowledge I have been given, through the Life Time 60day Challenge, getting more fit and healthy, and being the best version of me possible. Brad 2.0! And, of course, lots more Pickleball!