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Brenda D.

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The 60-Day Challenge continues to provide me the tools and accountability that I need to stay focused and committed to the weight loss journey I began 6 months ago. This Fall Challenge is my second successful Challenge, losing 20.7 lb. and 31.1 lb. in the Summer Challenge. I have struggled with my weight most of my life but losing my husband when I was 31 and being left to raise 2 young children sent me into a downward spiral of extreme grief and depression. I turned to food for comfort and putting on over 100 lb. I tried many diets, gym memberships and even diet medications over the years, but could not find a way to stay committed to any of it. My self-confidence and energy level declined, and I found myself very uncomfortable being out in public and unable to do most activities that required physical exertion. Stepping on that scale for the first time at Life Time and having that personal talk during my Onboarding Session with trainer Justin Klotz was very uncomfortable due to my embarrassment of how I had let myself get to 261 lb. Justin quickly put me on the track to begin my weight loss journey by signing me up for Team BURN and my first 60-Day Challenge.

My second 60-Day Challenge was not as easy, but the program provided all the necessary tools I needed to achieve my goals of eating better and losing the weight. I have attended every Try-It Tuesday event during both Challenges which introduced me to new workouts and nutritional education, and I have weighed in every week to stay accountable. The 60-Day Challenge is the vehicle, and the many drivers taking me through these Challenges and showing me the way to succeed are my trainers, Justin K., Tanisha T., Jason G. and Natalie A. These wonderful people, along with all the other trainers and friends I have made along the way, who continually provide words of encouragement and “high fives” are just the medicine the doctor ordered to put me on the path to success. This is not the end of my story, but just another chapter in my journey to better health. I see improvement in many areas of my life. I have an increased confidence in myself and what I can accomplish. I am physically and emotionally stronger, turning to exercise rather than food to deal with stress. You bet I will be taking on the next 60-Day Challenge! I still have so much to accomplish and I am excited to see where this next 60-Days takes me. I vow to challenge myself to become even stronger both mentally and physically.