Winners / Brian R.

Brian R.

78.42% change in body fat percent

*Results not typical


As a “Challenge” veteran I knew what I was up against.  But on top of the physical and mental challenges associated with the Challenge, my wife was in her 3rd trimester with our second child, we had started a home remodel project, and my company was busy as ever.  That said, I learned a few things from this Challenge that I will carry forward in daily life.

My Personal Trainer, Scott Synold at Life Time Westminster, helped instill in me a discipline – both physical and mental.  I found that mentally prepping for our workouts really helped, and when I didn’t take the time to mentally prepare, my workout wasn’t as impactful.  He also helped me see the importance of listening to my body.  Some workouts were modified because of a tense muscle or slightly out of whack ankle.  But rest assured, we always worked out hard.  I feel so fortunate to have worked with Scott!

Megan Salazar also helped me realize the importance of my diet and nutrition on my mental and physical game.  I continue to believe in the Food Sensitivity Test and strictly follow my results.  Megan was a huge asset to figuring out comprehensive meals to aid me in my workouts – and daily life.  If it wasn’t for the amount of and type of foods she helped me identify, I would have had a much harder time dealing with daily stressors, such as my growing company and home remodel.

I’m really proud to have worked hard even with multiple things going on outside the gym.  And from this Challenge I gained a newfound discipline in-and outside of my workouts.  Physical and mental preparedness paired with meal prep and adequate caloric intake allowed me to multi-task during this Challenge and be successful.

I would first and foremost like to say thank you to my beautiful wife, Katy, who is due any day with our second child. Thank you for holding down the home front when I was away at work or training. I would like to say thank you to my Trainer, Scott Synold; without him in my corner all this wouldn’t be possible.   Thank you, Megan Salazar, for continuing to work with me during your maternity leave and suggesting I do the Life Time Food Sensitivity Test that helped identify several foods that were contributing to inflammation and other underlying issues.