Winners / Catherine R.

Catherine R.

65.20% change in body fat percent

*Results not typical


I didn’t believe the potential for change in my body until I participated in the 60-Day Challenge.

A year ago I worked out all summer and gained 13 pounds after coming home with my 2nd son. At 140, I was 25 pounds over my “normal.” I had post-baby-body blues. I was fighting a heel stress fracture and put on thyroid medication. My medicine made me moody and unhappy. I was NOT the mom or wife I desired to be. I felt horrible, my self-esteem and confidence were gone. I bought new clothes to hide my growing problem. Friends thought I looked great, but I was discouraged. Something had to change.

I was invited to try TEAM Boot Camp. I was intimidated and worried I wouldn’t survive the workout. After a week of being pushed and having fun in Boot Camp with Trainer Zack Wilkinson, I was hooked. I loved the TEAM aspect, the intensity, physical and mental demands of Boot Camp. I was gaining strength, confidence, doing real push-ups, flipping tires and squatting more than ever. Working out was about more than the scale; it was about working hard and competing against myself.

After Boot Camp, Zack asked about our goals, diet, meal prep, supplements and water. I didn’t have any focused fitness goals. These accountability checks made me realize if I wanted to get back to “normal”, my diet and nutrition had to change. My prior diet was poor, usually 2 meals a day with lots of fruit and salads. With help from Zack and my husband, I started a carb cycling diet: clean carbs, lean protein and healthy fats. I learned I wasn’t feeding my body the fuel it needed to perform or recover on my old diet. Next I cut out processed foods. Every meal was planned with measured macros. I was going to be eating lots of food. Eat more food to lose weight? YES! I ate 4-5 meals a day and drank protein shakes. With better nutrition, I felt awesome and was crushing workouts. My next step was the Active Metabolic Assessment to identify my heart rate zones. This new knowledge took the guesswork out and helped me target my fitness goals.

Zack encouraged me to join the Challenge. I joined because I trusted him. My goals were to lose belly fat and cellulite, fit into old clothes and enjoy a bikini again. I didn’t share my secret goal. I wanted the body I had at age 21 as a college rower; a product of 3 years in a NCAA D1 rowing program, it seemed unattainable in 60 days at age 35 and still 15 pounds away from “normal”.

Three weeks into the challenge, my percent body fat was dropping and lean body mass was increasing. The success of my diet and workouts fueled me to want more. Zack suggested Life Time StrengthStack: a Pre-workout Complex and BCAA Recovery. By adding supplements to my routine, I recovered faster and was less fatigued during workouts. I now view supplements as an investment, not a cost. Next I began coming back for a second afternoon workout. I was seeing greater gains than expected. I could get back to that rower’s body.

During an 8-day vacation, I embraced healthy, purposeful eating. I ate responsibly, traveled with my supplements and maintained my workouts thanks to texts from Zack and Boot Camp friends. This camaraderie and accountability powered my transformation.

My new diet and lifestyle is positively impacting my family. We look forward to going to Life Time together. My 5-year old talks about eating healthy, exercising and getting stronger. I am stronger! I can carry him from the car, upstairs and into bed without any problem. I always grabbed the lighter 20-pound baby; now I take the 42-pound boy.

Thanks to resources, relationships and hard work at Life Time, I exceeded my goals. Maintaining my transformation will demand: priorities, planning and dedication. NO EXCUSES! I purposely have to be smarter. I will redo my AMA test. Carb cycling jump-started clean eating, but it is not a forever diet. It is a tool. Eating clean and healthy with supplements will be a priority. Weekly menus and meal prepping (4-5 meals/day) will continue. Planning takes the guesswork out of what I eat. To maintain my physique, I will continue 5am Boot Camp and when I don’t have time to get to Life Time after work, I will step into the weight room on campus to get in a workout before I pick up my boys.

This transformation will not be temporary like my pregnancies; it will be permanent.

Each time I share my story it makes me want to keep what I’ve worked so hard for. I want to inspire and support others with my story by maintaining my transformation, so others can believe in their own power to create change. My self-esteem and energy has skyrocketed thanks to eating right and working out more. I eat for health and purpose not pleasure and comfort. I’m no longer taking thyroid medication and my stress fracture is healed. I am leaner and fitter than I was as a NCAA D1 rower. I can confidently try anything at Life Time; maybe ALPHA is next. I found the inspiration and accountability I needed through the Life Time Community & Coach Zack. My inner competitor is back! I’m better than I was at 21. This stronger, fitter me is a better wife, mom and friend.