Parker, CO

Crystal O.

I am not a fan of exercise. Going to a gym to workout had never been my idea of fun, but more of an activity that could be categorized with something like a good flogging. Organized sports I get, but even growing up playing multiple sports didn’t help the fact that I have always been overweight. Two a day practices and conditioning couldn’t even save me from the detriment of being forced to shop the fat section that only offered three variations of sequined cat photo tops in my small town as a teen. Weight issues didn’t get easier as an adult. Becoming a NICU nurse and a mom of five kids under the age of five seemed to only leave time for what I thought were more important things. When we tragically lost my younger brother to health issues right before the birth of my second set of twins my world was turned upside down. I dove deep into doing for others. Volunteering to coach multiple sports, helping at school in numerous ways, taking over fundraising and assisting in medical care at a sinking animal shelter. I did everything I could for my kids and those around me because the fact of the matter is life is short and I wanted to make a difference however I could while I am here. My desperate attempt to make a difference was running me into the ground and with my weight creeping higher my body was starting to fail me. Slapped in the face with the realization that unless I wanted to join my brother I HAD to make taking care of myself and exercise important.

Joining Life Time I figured I wouldn’t need much help. I told myself “you’re a medical professional, surely you can figure this out.” At my onboarding session my only requisite for the training session I was going to try was to be put with someone who was not a d-bag, an only partly joking request. My first training session was awful. I went in thinking I was on point with my nutrition and exercise plan of attack, ready to rock the workout. Cole was great. Then what seemed like only minutes into a totally doable workout I began to feel lightheaded and as my vision darkened he helped me to the floor. Through the haze and brain fog of complete and utter embarrassment I saw multiple trainers helping me. One handing me a drink another sitting on the floor right next to me telling me a story to make me laugh. It was my first glimpse at what an entirely amazing training team Life Time has and looking back on it now, the point where my mindset on gyms and exercise started to change. Cole and I finished our session talking everything nutrition, helping me figure out what was right for me and how to make it work in my crazy life. He set me up to do an AMA. Who wouldn’t want to know their exact heart rate ranges for optimal fat burning? The RMA was a must as well. Finding out I could eat more calories was a party worth celebrating more than sweet sixteen! I had obviously realized after my near hit-the-floor training experience that having a personal trainer was probably a really good idea, besides I had big weight loss goals that could definitely use more input on how to get there. I signed on to train and do nutrition with Cole regularly and it was the game changer that finally put me on the right track to health.

I signed up for 60day with a goal to lose 20 pounds just as a way to stay focused on my bigger goal trying for a number I had lied about on my driver’s license my entire adult life. A number I had never seen on a scale beneath my feet. We kicked off 60day with trying D.tox and it was an amazing jump start to the program. Only one week in and my stomach was already looking flatter with less bloat. I made sure I went to every Dance Jam I could, a free class with a fantastic instructor. Trixie’s energy could make even the most devout couch potato jump up and gyrate. Trying to dance to club music in a gratefully lights-dimmed studio is like when moms hide vegetables in their kids’ food. Even when I was tripping over my own feet I was having so much fun that I barely realized what an amazing workout I was getting. As I continued my training with Cole and doing our workouts on my own, I noticed this amazing class that I just had to try. Alpha Box with Nicki was a dream. Did I really find another class that seemed more fun than workout? Strength, cardio and mental conditioning. Who needs Sudoku when you’re training your brain to remember mitt combos to not get punched in the face? I knew right away it was a class I could not do without. Signing up for Flex was a fantastic idea. As I tried the GTX and Alpha classes I kept meeting more and more amazing trainers, started building friendships with other members and really began to change my relationship with exercise.

I’ve changed so much since joining Life Time, down almost 60 pounds, no longer a liar on my driver’s license, and looking forward to my next workout. This 60day has been an amazing journey losing 35 pounds and I can’t wait to set up new training goals with Cole to continue this healthy way of life.