Daniel L.

Summerlin, NV

Daniel’s Story

I never planned on using the Life Time Training app before entering the 60day challenge. Working out was important, but I was going to freelance my workouts with no goal. Starting the challenge helped me get beyond past struggles turning my 60-days into a lifestyle.

On assessment day, I met with my trainer Mitchell; he asked me, “What are your goals?” Oh man, I had not thought about this for some time. I sat back and asked myself, “What would be the biggest benefit to my lifestyle?” My answer was surprisingly simple! Within 60 days, I want to improve my back and leg strength. I am sure many people can relate; the pandemic changed the way I work professionally. Less in-person meetings meant more sitting over Zoom calls. More time at my desk equaled more time being sedentary. My blood circulation and posture were affected. In the past year, I started experiencing lower back pains and tingling in my legs while sitting. Wait a minute, “This is not the time for that! I’m a new father!” My wife and I recently had our first child on April 27th, 2021. He’s a handsome little fellow with tons of energy. Since his birth, I’ve been reaching down more than ever. I don’t have an official record, but I estimate that I have picked him up no less than one million times. My ultimate fitness goal was to be a stronger father for my son.

“The Life Time Training app has entered the chat.” I don’t know who or what team is behind the guided workouts, but they need a raise. The fitness app is a fantastic tool that almost passed me by. I was sold on its benefits after the first workout, though. Alternating days between strength training and low-intensity steady states was something I had never done before. The optional high-intensity pieces of training helped give me an edge on workouts. I also found that circuit training pushed the use of muscle groups I likely would have ignored. While strengthening my back and legs was my goal, I achieved total body workouts. My workouts became modular as I could make changes in the app. It was easy to add another rep, add another workout, or modify the task at hand. I also experienced the unexpected benefit of synchronicity. I worked out, in sync, side-by-side with my wife, Olevia. Our small group of two was motivated! The best part was the high five we would give each other after completing each session.

I have a naturally fast metabolism and struggle more with gaining weight vs. losing it. Increasing my weight is often a good sign. So, my weekly weigh-ins kept me on target. Comparing my metabolic rate to my caloric intake helped me gain 5 pounds of muscle and body fat at the challenge’s peak. Maintaining more energy throughout the day became the norm.

The 60day Challenge has proved that this is a lifestyle I can maintain. Moving forward, I am taking advantage of all the resources at hand. I have got no excuse; Life Time makes it too easy! More than muscle, I gained a new perspective and approach to my fitness training and health. Moving forward, I’ll use the app to build weekly workouts with a strong focus on nutritional balance. I love that Life Time has managed to bring together all the best parts of modern health tracking: calories, sleep, steps, heart rate, and training. I feel like George Jetson.

So, did I achieve my goals? Yes, I did. “Here is to picking up my son one-million-and-one more times.”