Daniel V.

Gainesville, VA

Daniel’s Story

Results: Lost 8% Body Fat, Gained 7 Pounds of Muscle, lost 4 lbs total.

Day 1- Body Fat 24%, Skeletal Muscle Mass 78 LBS, Weight 183 LBS.

Day 60- Body Fat 16%, Skeletal Muscle Mass 85 LBS, Weight 179 LBS.

This Life Time 60day Challenge was an amazing life-changing experience for me, to say the least. Thanks to Life Time and this challenge, I went from almost giving up on my health and fitness to losing A 3RD OF MY TOTAL BODY FAT and feeling better than ever in just 60 days! Along with taking full advantage of the programs and services that Life Time offers, there were two major contributors to my success and transformation. I ended up discovering my new favorite sport during this challenge… PICKLEBALL!!! To my surprise, pickleball ended up being a huge part of my 60day transformation. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any this without my trainer, Jaime C. She is the reason I entered into this challenge and the main reason I stuck with it and CRUSHED my goals.

I honestly wouldn’t have entered this challenge if Jaime didn’t approach me at the gym. I hadn’t seen her in about three to four months, and she could notice I didn’t look happy or very healthy. She asked me what happened, and I told her that I pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder in April, then herniated a disc in my back again on the 4th of July. Along with gaining fat from the injuries, my girlfriend broke up with me, and from there, I was just depressed and didn’t feel like doing anything. Jaime literally said, “Dan, if you give me 60 days of your time, I will get you where you want to be.” and thankfully, I listened! She got me registered, and from there, we put together a specific game plan for me to accomplish my goals. Everything from how much water I should be consuming per day to the amount of protein I should be consuming daily and what exercises on what days. She also got me hooked on the Life Time AM/PM Performance MultiVitamins, along with the Life Time Fish Oil and Life Time Amino Recovery. My body just feels like it functions so much better throughout the day, and it sleeps better at night thanks to these supplements. I will continue to get these supplements from the Life Cafe!

Training with her was just so different, I could definitely feel the difference from when I lift weights on my own to weight training with Jaime. Playing sports and being active most of my life, I felt like I knew it all, but she definitely showed how wrong I was when I trained with her. The types of exercises, to the amount of reps, and how sore I felt after working with her was incredible. She also introduced me to Life Time’s “Alpha Program,” which I got to try out, and that was such a great experience.

I was very impressed with how sore I felt, but even more impressed with how my body was able to recover due to the nutrition and overall program Jaime created for me. Yes, training with Jaime, trying out Alpha, and taking some group fitness classes were an amazing experience, but Jaime pointed out that I need to focus on recovery more so due to my injury history. Her recommendation on utilizing the sauna and actually stretching to bring down inflammation was spot on. The Life Time Amino Recovery definitely made me feel better during recovery. I was also skeptical when she mentioned that I need to take yoga classes and that it was mandatory. Not only has yoga helped me stay injury free over the challenge, it has also helped me learn how to slow down, breathe, and deal with the stresses of being a realtor. I doubt my body would have recovered without yoga and the program Jaime put together for me.

The biggest surprise to me during this challenge was finding out that Pickleball is my new favorite sport. About a week into the challenge, one of the personal trainers, Josh, saw me shooting some hoops and asked me if I wanted to play. One game was all I needed and from there, I try to play as much as possible. Pickleball was a huge contributor to my transformation, I didn’t feel like I was working out, I felt like I was just having fun. I didn’t think I would like it, but thanks to Josh’s friendly invitation to play one game, turned into playing about 10 games before I realized how much time had already flown by because I was having so much fun. Pickleball made me look forward to going to Life Time, and I really appreciate Josh getting me into it.

Thanks to Life Time’s family-friendly approach, programs, services, trainers, and other staff members, this didn’t really feel like I was doing a challenge nearly as much as it made it feel like a healthy way of lifestyle. I really wouldn’t have been able to lose 8% body fat and gain muscle mass without my trainer Jaime, working with her and listening to suggestions from Alpha to Yoga. I look forward to continuing my healthier way of life with Life Time.