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David J.

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Scott C


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David’s Story

Over the years, I have been caught in the unhealthy cycle of weight loss and weight gain, usually gaining more weight than the time before. I’ve tried multiple diets that worked in the short term but never turned out to be sustainable. I’ve lost weight and have sometimes looked fit, but I don’t think I have ever really been healthy.

I’ve struggled with thinking I could find the delicate balance of eating healthy while also deviating in moderation to enjoy foods that are not so healthy. My struggle has been with the slippery slope of moderation. Constantly cheating, I blurred the lines of acceptable foods in my diet and unhealthy foods began to overtake the nutritional foods. It would begin a pattern that quickly grew to my eating unhealthy foods all the time.

When I joined Life Time earlier this year, I was optimistic of losing weight and getting my life back on track. I had no other choice. I weighed 229 pounds, my heaviest ever.

I signed up for personal training with Scott C. I was excited that Life Time was so close to my house and thought having a trainer would help motivate me to get back into shape. I told Scott my fitness goal was to look like “out of shape Chris.” Not Chris Hemsworth when he’s playing Thor, but Chris between movies when he’s at the beach with his family. A lofty goal, but it gave me something to work hard toward.

Scott and I worked out twice a week, and from day one he took a personal interest in improving my fitness. We worked out hard and I put on muscle and gained strength. Every week I was honest telling him everything I had eaten since our last workout, and he repeatedly reinforced that I had to change my diet to see my desired results. Most days I didn’t feel very healthy and I couldn’t break that pattern of eating unhealthy foods.

Scott had created the framework for my exercise, had been doing his best to motivate me to change my diet, and was waiting patiently for me to get the motivation to change my life.

One week before the 60day started I ran into an old friend at work whom I haven’t seen recently. We said hi to each other and he said, “Man, look at you. You’ve gained a little weight. Now that’s prosperity.” He was joking and didn’t mean any harm by saying it, but it still stung. That moment was the tipping point. I needed to change. I had at last found my motivation and committed to giving my all during the 60day.

I immediately increased my workouts with Scott to three times a week. It was hard that first week trying to quit the bad habits that I had built up over the years, but Scott was always there to keep me focused on my goals: lose weight and fat, improve posture, and most importantly wake up every day feeling rested.

I had an incredible first week, but was nervous that I may lose momentum when Scott went on vacation for the second week. Fortunately, Scott paired me up with another incredible trainer for that week, Jaime Capolino. Jaime worked me just as hard as Scott during our workouts. She stayed late to help me stretch afterwards and took time from her weekend to plan cardio routines for me. I continued to lose weight and feel better every day.

I had already taken advantage of some of the Life Time resources, including both the RMA and AMA. I was using Creatine, Life Greens and AM/PM Multivitamins from the Health Store. The Mocha Madness shakes and bowls at LifeCafe were convenient after workouts and taste amazing. Dropping my kids off at Kids Academy added an extra layer of convenience for my workouts. During the 60day I incorporated Yoga, NormaTec Compression, and massages from the LifeSpa. I also took advantage of the 60day nutritional tips / meal plans and Coach Anika kept me motivated and informed.

Scott has consistently and completely exceeded all of my expectations. He put in extra effort every week to plan the workouts / cardio for my solo days and put together my macronutrient meal plan for the 60day. Scott is not only a seriously legit trainer, but also a truly great person who really cares about helping people to improve their lives. I’m really fortunate to have Scott as a trainer and friend!

Today is my final 60day weigh in. Sophia greets me with a warm good morning at the front desk. As I head to The Zone, I reflect upon the past 60 days. The end of the 60day is only the beginning of my new life long journey. All of the changes I have made that seemed like sacrifices have since become my normal. I look forward to my workouts and planning healthy meals. I’m happier and more motivated than ever. And back to my struggle with moderation… I don’t want to cheat any more. I now seek out healthy foods for all of my meals. It’s inevitable I will eat unhealthily some of the time, but I won’t let it weaken my commitment.

I weigh in for the last time and am beyond amazed with the results! I’ve lost 29.5 pounds and one third of my body fat!

Thank you, Scott, and everyone at Life Time who helped to change my life!