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David N.

Atlanta, GA

David N Front

My journey started out much like a lot of other people who were doing the 60Day. Growing up, I was always in top-tier shape and played sports throughout college. After college and entering the real world working a sedentary office job, is when things changed with my health. This was something that did not happen overnight but over the course of 6 years of poor diet and a much slower lifestyle.

I began eating fried foods in our cafeteria on a daily basis (convenience) and drinking sodas (our office gives them free, but charges for water bottles) so weight gain of course eventually followed. I work in a very stressful sales environment that causes me to work very long hours. This eventually began to cut into my workout hours to the point where I very rarely went to the gym at all.

I also had a part-time job on the weekends serving as a bartender. This negatively impacted my health because I would drink very heavily on the weekends while working. This lead to much bigger issues like heartburn, in conjunction with my terrible diet, and anxiety. Then the following day when I was hungover I would turn to junk food and pizza to make me feel better. I knew that I needed to turn my life around and make changes; I just had not been willing to commit to actually doing it yet.

Things changed several months ago for the better. While I have been a member of Life Time for several years now, and known Miguel as a personal friend through the gym, I decided that I was ready to take a turn for a healthier lifestyle. Miguel is one of the most motivating people I have ever been around and he encouraged me for several months to join the next competition, so I did. I can honestly say that this has been one of the best decisions of my life, for my wife (also doing the challenge) and me.

To begin, Miguel had me do a food sensitivity test and I found out that I have some food allergies with eating eggs and drinking coffee. We did a metabolic test to find out my best target zones for exercising and maximizing fat loss. In addition, he went over my diet and got me on the right track of what type of foods to eat and what not to eat. He also recommended some great products the from Life Time product line that includes SuperStarch, multivitamin, and a quality protein. He recommended a product called Betaine HCL & Pepsin, which was able to help eliminate my acid reflux and heartburn.

Since starting the 60Day, I noticed drastic results within weeks. I also quit bartending and drinking all together along with cutting out all fried/processed foods. I expected to lose weight, but what I did not expect is how much my quality of life would change for the better. From eating a healthier diet, exercising, and eliminating my drinking habits, I have completely gotten off of all prescription heartburn and anxiety medication that I used to take on a daily basis. I feel much less stressed in my day to day work environment from the foods, working out, yoga and even have much more energy. I literally wake up before my alarm clock each day and don’t feel the need for energy drinks or several cups of coffee. I have swapped out coffee for green tea and started intermittent fasting during the week, which has been huge for fat loss. I started the program at 16.8% body fat and have lost 19 pounds and reduced my body fat by almost 70% in only 60 days! The last measurement I had, I was right at 5% BF. I have become obsessed with a healthier lifestyle and read nutrition books on a nightly basis as well as follow healthy accounts on social media for new recipes.

This has become a complete lifestyle change. I don’t look at this as a temporary “diet,” but as a permanent change for the rest of my life. Although I love how much I have transformed my body in such a short time, having such a positive impact on my quality of life is something that I never thought was possible. I would recommend the 60Day to all of my friends and family and would highly recommend having Miguel be your mentor. He was so motivating and helped push me through even when times got tough. I am so thankful for the Life Time team and having such a nice facility to go to help better my health and future! I look forward to the next 60Day coming up!