Winners / Edward M.

Edward M

19.7% weight loss total, 70.5 lbs.*

*Results not typical


I was a very heavy person. When I first joined the Life Time 90-Day Challenge last February, 2016, my starting weight was 315.3 pounds. Now, after the 60-Day Challenge, I am a very happy person weighing 231.3 pounds, having lost a total of 84 pounds from the beginning.

I completely trusted and joined all the programs of the Life Time Fitness Sugarloaf Club and Life Time Athletic Atlanta Club. Ever since I joined the club, I acquired the services of a personal trainer and have been so thankful to the great support, efforts, guidance and physical training of my most-dedicated trainer, Joe Epperson, from the Sugarloaf Club. We have been working out together 4 sessions per week and he would give me assignments on what to do for the remaining days of the week. I have been working out an average of two to three hours every day, and following a nutrition plan from my other trainer and nutritionist, Nicole Morgan, from the Atlanta Club. Nicole is also my Pilates Instructor who trains me and works out with me every Wednesday and Friday early morning. She does not only train me, but has overseen what I am going to eat, particularly during the last three weeks of the competition. Aside from intensive individual workouts, personal training and nutrition coaching, I also participated in TEAM Bootcamp and Weight Loss classes as well as Pilates and Yoga sessions. I also completed a Metabolic Profile and Resting Metabolic Assessments which were very helpful. Lastly, I use many Life Time nutritional products and supplements — even taking advantage of the free iced tea refills in the LifeCafe for the entire summer.

During the final three weeks of the Challenge, (and knowing I had a chance to be one of the Top 5 finalists in the nation) I gave my best and dedicated myself to competing in the Challenge. I also continued to hope and pray, asking for help and strength from our Lord God to sustain me. I increased the intensity of my workouts and strictly followed a very controlled nutrition plan. I have also used and tapped all my family and friends to help, support and continue to motivate me. I have given it my all and I never stopped, even while I was feeling very weak and my whole body was already very sore.

Thank you so much to the Life Time Corporate team for everything!!! Your program is a great success!!!