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Eric H.

62.65% change in body fat percent*

*Results not typical

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I knew my 60-Day “Fit By The First” Challenge was going to be extremely difficult this time around. With the holidays being intertwined in this Challenge, I was hesitant to even sign up. But I ended up doing it anyway as I knew it would be an extra boost for me to keep fighting through the holiday season. My goals during the Challenge were to cut body fat down to where I had been at my top performance levels, as well as to really feel good in a time that is usually stressful and I tend to go backwards. I wanted to feel like a premiere athlete again and get my energy back! I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I wanted to win and set an example for my family, friends and coworkers.

My program involved working out multiple times a week, many times late at night, as I had no other time to make it happen. It was so challenging, especially after long days at work, but the encouragement of the Life Time staff as well as my wife, was huge. I had nutrition coaching help from the nutrition coaches at Mount Laurel, and they were absolutely phenomenal and always encouraging. I used the Life Time Strength Stack (Pre-Workout and BCAA’s), fish oil and vitamins, as well as protein to really aid in my transformation. I knew nutrition would be key, so focusing in on consistency with these supplements made a tremendous difference. Not to mention I had done an Active Metabolic Assessment with Life Time, and that helped me understand exactly what heart rate zones I needed to train in to get the most effective and efficient results.

My lifestyle changed significantly as I was much more regimented, and realized how much the support of others really makes a difference in my journey. I grew in discipline with nutrition, working out, and time and stress management. I always preach that you should never take an unplanned day off, because it is a mindset that will take you to places of excellence. Easier said than done, and so I wanted to really make sure I was practicing what I often had preached. I believe we are all capable of incredible things, but most people will never know what they can achieve, because they will never truly put themselves out there due to fear of failure. You have to be willing to fail, over and over, if you are ever going to succeed at something bigger than you could have imagined. If you don’t let fear of failure paralyze you, your potential is ridiculous. I have seen so many ordinary people do extraordinary things, because they did the “little things” well, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. I wanted this Challenge to be another testimony to the fact that people can do incredible things when you believe you can and act on that belief every single day. I used to be a kid who was told by many around me that I couldn’t do certain things…and it was my mission to prove them wrong. I want to inspire all those people who have been told they couldn’t do or achieve something, because it’s not true unless you agree to let it be true.

I plan to maintain these changes by continuing to have constant accountability with the nutrition coaches, trainers, and metabolic technicians at Life Time. As long as they are a part of my life, I know that they will not let me off the hook. And I know that they will always provide me with the absolute best information and encouragement. We weren’t made to go through this journey of life, health, and fitness by ourselves. I am so grateful that I have friends, family, and Life Time team members who I know will always support me and drive me to be the best I can possibly be, and never settle.

I am thrilled with my results going into the new year. I’m so glad I did this 60-Day Challenge, and instead of moving backward during the holidays, I feel like I have a tidal wave of momentum that I am ready to ride on into 2017!!