Finalists / Brittany H.

Brittany H.

63.26% change in body fat percent

*Results not typical


My body transformation story might be a bit different from the others that you will read. For myself, there was never any particular moment that I could pinpoint as the moment where my clothes didn’t fit the same anymore, or my confidence had changed, or even that I had truly identified there was a need for a better me. I had thought in the last couple of months that I wanted to be as active as I had been in the past, but did not prioritize my health. I had been neglecting my body. All of that changed when I was encouraged to get back in the gym to start training for a triathlon.

I had been training hard and eating what most would consider to be very healthy, but my results were not what I wanted. My own body seemed to be slowing me down. I thought about this off and on, but as far as I knew, there was nothing I could do about it, it was “just how things were going to be.” My schedule at the gym was the same. I went every morning before work and did the same things over and over. However, there was one day in particular that I had to change things up. I went to the gym that afternoon instead of early morning, and I went to swim as usual. The pools were closed and no “leisure lanes” were available. I decided to venture upstairs and knock out my running first.

When I walked upstairs, I noticed quite a few people “weighing in” at a machine that I had never noticed. I did my workout and walked over to the machine, where I was greeted by a trainer asking if it was my turn. I told him I wanted to learn about the machine so I could keep track of my own plans. I thought I was going to receive some sort of pitch about a Challenge or getting a personal trainer, etc., but the trainer simply showed me how to use the machine and made sure I knew what each number meant. That trainer genuinely cared about my well-being and the reasoning behind what I wanted to accomplish and spent time focusing on me, rather than hassling me with promotions or anything of the sort. It was encouraging to feel like I had someone that believed I could achieve my goals. That, the fact that one stranger thought I could achieve my goals, spurred me on enough to come back the next day and talk to that stranger some more. I asked him about the “weighing in” and he went on to tell me about the 60-Day Challenge. I heard that it was a nationwide event with thousands participating. That sheer number of people competing almost made me back out, but I love a good challenge; and this was a challenge I knew I could win. I don’t like doing anything halfway, and I knew if I set my mind to it, I could win the whole thing. Competitions motivate me and that day, I registered for the Challenge. The next day I met up with another trainer and discussed my goals. Within a week’s time, I had several members at Life Time keeping me accountable and holding me to that first place finish that I desired.

The first part of my new fitness plan was to realize that food isn’t the enemy. I went from eating 3 “healthy” meals a day of fruits, veggies, and protein, to eating 8 meals a day with high protein and low carbs. People thought I was crazy, but diet really is the biggest factor in weight loss and body transformation. Learning about nutrition and diet is something that Life Time teaches well. The cafe had high-protein meals whenever I needed a quick boost. Customized protein shakes became by best friend. Furthermore “Try-It Tuesdays” gave members a community from all different walks of life. Metabolic testing showed me my optimal heart rate for fat burning. Also, the convenience of Life Time was a huge help. If I was out of town, there was a Life Time nearby. My trainer was with me the whole way, to make sure I stayed on track and that I was seeing the results I wanted. Not only was my personal trainer keeping me in line, but various members at the cafe, the front desk, and all other trainers would stop by when I was working out, to make sure everything was going well. Coworkers, family, and friends would ask me how things were going, to help make sure I was sticking to my goals. The constant positive reinforcements made this journey a true blessing. Aside from being physically stronger, I am mentally stronger; and know without doubt that I can do anything I set my mind to.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey that I will continue to pursue for the rest of my life. I will never let myself sink back to the unhealthy person that I was before the 60-Day Challenge. Life is crazy and it will always be crazy. I have learned to stop making excuses and to simply be the best version of myself, regardless of circumstances. I owe a big “thank you” to Life Time for providing me with the resources and facilities to train and better myself. Learning how to efficiently strength train, build muscle, and burn fat was both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Here’s to hoping that for the next 60, I will have even better results.