Finalists / Myesha O.

Myesha O.

16.82% weight loss, 32.5 lbs.*

*Results not typical


I must say, this has been a grueling 60 days, some days harder than others and some a bit easier, but every day I have worked and fought to bring myself back into optimal health.

Two years ago marked the beginning of many life-changing events for our family: I gave birth to a vibrant healthy boy, my husband entered the military just days after and I was left with my newborn and two other children to operate the household solo. It has been a journey. My stress has gone up and down and my weight with it. I have been frustrated with my health for a long time and didn’t really understand how much. I began this journey of weight loss in search of my body, my health again.

…And I found it.

I am over 30 pounds lighter and I am completely cleansed, body and soul. I have used VeganMax and other Life Time supplements with great results since I practice a vegan diet. I met with trainers and attended several classes as well as detoxing in the sauna and playing tennis for cardio. I have improved my overall aerobic health as well as increased my overall strength.

I drank a lot of green juice and avoided sugars, (thank you, Titus, my trainer, for really pushing the importance of this), and focused on healthy omegas as well as meeting the daily recommended doses of vitamins and minerals. I noticed that I was able to do so much more physically, when I was eating a balanced diet. My body really responded to the fuel I have been giving it.

I never realized how much of our health is chemistry. Our blood content depends on diet, but also hormones. Those hormones flow only with proper exercise. We must keep our blood pumping to avoid blockage in energies throughout our bodies.

I am the proud mother of a 12-year-old boy, 8-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. Pushing myself for this Challenge was to show them (through the many long nights of working out after work and watching every morsel of food that I ate), that with dedication and perseverance one can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

With children, they learn more with action not just words. They want to see what you mean by the way you live and these past 60 days, I have shown them exactly what I always tell them:
You are what you eat. Diet is huge. You must be active to be at your best. And most importantly:

The sky is the limit.