Finalists / Kendell G

Kendell G.

32.56% weight loss*

*Results not typical

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OK, so here goes again. Been here, done this before…That’s what I said to myself when my personal trainer (A.K.A. personal cheering section) suggested I attempt the 60-Day Challenge again this fall. Are you kidding?! I don’t think I have it in me. I literally was sick of the club, after spending every day of the summer 60-Day Challenge at Life Time. And, trust me, that says a lot because I love Life Time.

I said no at first. I’d worked so hard, I gave it my best and I’d failed. Not failed in terms of health; I felt great. But, I’d pushed it to the max for the Summer 60-Day Challenge and I didn’t win. That’s what you do though, right? You work hard for that reward: that new car, the new job, the new body. Then, most of us at some point or other relax into doing less than our best. We did it and it’s done.

That’s exactly what I did for the month of July! I was content, it was finally done. I’d lost 60 pounds, and I felt great. I was swimming again, I was a regular at the gym, and people noticed. I felt great, but I still had 40 pounds to lose. I was not done. Nowhere close!

But, I was tired and a little defeated, to be honest. In fact, I regained some weight in the month after the Summer 2017 Challenge. Everyone noticed that, too, unfortunately. I stayed committed to my strength workouts with Olo Onuma throughout (probably because they’ve been part therapy), but I started pulling back on the cardio and 20 pounds crept on overnight. A friend suggested I try yoga. I was still dealing with the death of my father and my own separation. I was trying to find “me” again by myself. I’d put a lot of the grief into my workouts.

I needed to focus inwardly now. Life Time’s Yin yoga class was the answer. I can’t tell you the difference those 45 minutes could make in my day, even my week! The teachers were so encouraging, and constantly refocusing the class on self-acceptance. After the first two classes, I came back to Olo and said, “I’m in.” I started back with intense cardio five times a week. I added HIIT training sessions every other day with some help, I continued yoga and started Masters swimming three times a week. Those pounds flew off and then some.

With the help of a dedicated trainer and the support of numerous other Life Time staff members, I began to see changes. I completed metabolic testing again with Greg Martinez and adjusted my workouts accordingly. He checked on me from time to time, which helped enormously. As did encouraging emails. I used the D.TOX products to the letter! Olo pushed me harder with strength training but more importantly, he pushed me to not give up. This was not a Challenge; this was life from now on. My diet is cleaner than ever thanks to Life Time nutrition counseling. My spirit is soaring with regular yoga sessions. I’m still doing Yin but have added some Warrior Sculpt too.

Everyone at Life Time has been in my corner. I’ve felt that since day one. I’ve never been to a club that’s provided the continuing support that the Life Time team members have. Even the front desk staff are encouraging every day. One particularly hard day, the receptionist smiled and said, “Go get it, Kendell!” It was the extra push I needed.

Completing the 60-Day Challenge for the second time has been even more rewarding. I’ve repositioned my focus on me. I’m a better example for my children. They see me pushing myself out of my comfort zone and they are more willing to do so, too. I am confident that the weight will stay off because my outlook has changed. This is not a short-term project; it is a lifetime change. Sure, I eat clean now and I’m moving my body every day. But, the real difference is I’m not counting myself out anymore. I try, and I keep trying. This is my new life, not a Challenge! I don’t expect my goals to be easy or comfortable any more. And, that’s okay. As Olo would say, “Where it begins to get uncomfortable is where change starts.” This Challenge has changed everything. Thank you to everyone at Life Time that made it possible!