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Tea S.

60.10% change in body fat percent*

*Results not typical

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After having my third child, my body changed drastically. Not only was I overweight, but I lacked energy and was depressed which led to a very low level of self-esteem. At work I was having a hard time with focusing and doing my best with a multitasking job. I was often dizzy. One day while driving on the highway towards home after a long day at work, everything seemed to just go dark. My brain just disconnected and I ended up bumping into the car in front of me. Fortunately, it was a traffic jam and I was not going fast. Miraculously no one was injured. That was the day and event that totally woke me up, literally and figuratively. I could not continue living my life without taking care of my body. Had multiple tests done through doctor’s office, but no medical problems, all tests were fine. I cannot take care of my children, my husband or even myself if I do not learn to take care of my own body and overall health. Joining a nearby Life Time Fitness center was the best thing I could have ever done at that point in my life. I needed to do something to reverse the negative trend I was experiencing.

The Child Center was a big positive for me as it allowed my children to experience new things and be engaged in many activities while I exercised. My children absolutely love going to Life Time.

The first goal I had was to just start and keep going. It was difficult in the beginning but things got better as I pushed through the initial period. I had to make the choice every day between taking a day off or going to the fitness center. Each day I chose the fitness center and my mood always improved as soon as I stepped in the facility. Everything was always so clean and the energy level was always great with the friendly and helpful staff and amazing members. Slowly, I started to notice how my body was changing. I had more energy, I was waking up happier and I was starting to be more positive and even encouraging others. I definitely met my first goal but now I wanted more. I had plateaued and I did not really know how to break through. Entering the 60-Day Challenge was how I was going to learn more and experience more success.

My goals for the 60-Day Challenge were not only to learn more and experience a greater level of fitness, I also wanted to be an inspiration to my children and my mother. So my mother is 76 years old and has never joined any gym facilities. I encouraged her and we entered the Challenge together. This gave us the opportunity to have shared goals and help foster fitness and a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. I want to be my absolute best for my children as long as possible. I want to stay young and healthy for them.

I signed up with Dylan Lampert who explained to me the importance of a proper diet along with new and more effective workout strategies than I was doing on my own. He was very encouraging as he checked on me every time I was there to see how I was doing and see if I had any questions. Chad Damien and Carissa Berger were also equally helpful. Their knowledge, positive encouragement and outstanding attitude were extremely helpful. James Garcia, training manager was very supportive, friendly and helpful during this 60-Day Challenge. Having such an amazing staff at Life Time made my goals seem that much more attainable. They helped me have a higher degree of confidence which helped me pursue my goals even harder.

The nutrition aspect was key for me. I never used to eat breakfast. I started to eat breakfast, digest more protein and cut out a lot of snacks which contained high levels of sugar (dried fruit and caramel sauce in my coffee). Of course, I also followed a strict meal time schedule. The diet in conjunction with the modified and improved exercise routines catapulted me into another level and I could hardly believe how my body was transforming. I sometimes ask myself, “What will happen if I am not able to afford Life Time Fitness?” Well, I can confidently say I will give up whatever it takes. I now know that my health and fitness will not last forever all by itself. My health is more valuable than anything I have or could ever obtain. Life Time Fitness is where I will always fill that need.
The program has been great for my mother also. She has diabetes and has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and liver problems. I love her more than anything and need her to live a very long time, healthy, with us. She is now a Life Time member and she is doing great. She feels much better, can now walk on stairs without problems and she will continue to be my workout buddy.

It really is amazing to me how quickly and effectively my body has transformed. The 60-Day Challenge was the key. The program encouraged me to seek professional guidance and come up with a game plan to reach my goals. I plan to sign up for additional personal training lessons to learn more about specific workouts that will help me build and maintain my body with more efficient and productive workouts.