Finalists / Warren C

Warren C.

23.08% weight loss*

*Results not typical

wl m warren c front

I grew up in a family where unhealthy eating along with no exercise was the norm. On the outside many of us looked awesome but the reality was much of my family had terrible health conditions. As a young man you can see this as a norm and grow up with the same mindset. It was horror at times watching my family members die an early death. I lived my life witnessing my grandfather die in his 50s. From uncles to cousins I witnessed early deaths and most of it was the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

As I stood in the mirror disappointed in how I looked and ultimately how I felt, I knew I really needed to change. Not to mention I had high blood pressure and my doctor told me that I was at risk of having diabetes. I refused to look my young sons in the face knowing I wasn’t doing everything I could do to assure them I will be around long enough to watch them grow up as strong handsome men. So about 5 months ago I entered the challenge. I was excited to do the Challenge but one week in I got injured helping my friend move. That really broke me down because I could not do the Challenge. I had never been so disappointed in my life. Not only did I not get to do the Challenge but I gained even more weight after my surgery. I gained around 30LB after the surgery. For some reason I could not get back in the mood but then Olo a trainer from the gym called me and asked how I was doing. After explaining everything to him he said Warren man come on back to the gym don’t allow this setback to cause you to lose. Do it for your family and for yourself. He also let me know that there was a new 60-Day Challenge. I signed up. I decided to go all in.

It was suggested to me to do the metabolic test so we could set up just the right program for me. Not only that, I talked to a nutritionist to be sure I would have a good nutrition plan. I also think that the continuous emails that were sent every week during the Challenge were worth every read. I learned so much about the Core 3 process and it proved to be the staple of my success. Between the weight loss classes, strength classes, cardio classes, protein shakes and nutritional help I started to see great results. It took my workout and healthy lifestyle to another level. I could not bend all the way down. Squats? No way. I could not do 2 pushups nor sit-ups. Now I’m working out like a gladiator and can run several miles easily. Wow, is this Warren Caldwell. Yes it is. I told Olo let’s go man. I want this. I want to win my body back. Sure winning the Challenge would be great but winning back years that would have been gone had I not joined Life Time and built these great relationships within Life Time Is also a Lifetime win.

I went to the doctor recently and she could not believe the way I looked. All of my blood work came back and everything had improved. My blood pressure is now normal and my readings lowered and I’m at a very low risk of getting diabetes. I mean you have to understand how this makes me feel. Neither my father nor his three brothers lived past 50. Now look at me. I’m 51 and I’m building a healthy and happy life. It makes me tear up just to even think about it. Not to mention now I can go shopping and look awesome in my clothes. My friends and family are proud and happy to see my success and many are now following in my footsteps.
Life Time and this 60-Day Challenge have been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I’m thankful for this organization. But man I’m really thankful to my trainer Olo and some of the other trainers that suggested things for me to do to get the best out of the Challenge and for not letting me say NO! Thanks for other trainers who invited me to their classes to help me maximize this 60-Day Challenge. It all helped. It all counted. Look at me. I will not follow in my father’s or uncle’s footsteps. I will raise my kids. I can be the support that my wife needs. I will live. I have a saying that I use now. “Healthy eating plus fitness = me.”

Thank you, Life Time Fitness
Signed: A new life