Finalists / Joelle R.

Joelle R.

Ajax, ON

Joelle R Front

My Reasons Why:

First, I went for my physical a little while ago and my blood sugar levels were high. Given the history of health issues in my family related to obesity, I decided it was time to make a change and not fall into my awful family health history. Sometimes people say you can’t do anything about genetics, but I believe we do and if we work hard enough at the gym and with our diet, we can choose which way we want it to go.

Second, I was stuck in a bad place postpartum after having my second baby in February. It felt like the walls were closing in on me, I felt so alone, unworthy of love from my husband because my body was not mine anymore. I didn’t recognize the sad woman looking back at me in the mirror, nothing fit and I had no interest in anything but junk food and baggy clothes. This was not me, anyone who knows me knows I’m normally smiling, telling jokes and loving life. I just wanted to feel happy and comfortable with my body again. I wanted my identity back and this is why I decided it was time to get back to Life Time and start the journey towards a new me.

Third, I needed the accountability of knowing it wasn’t just me seeing the scale, the pictures and the results. Even though I was doing this for me, it was a huge motivating factor to know everyone else would be seeing these results.

My How:

A big reason for my success during this challenge was due to my trainer, Russell. He is the Registered Kinesiologist at Ajax and has expertise in rehabilitation. This was a great asset to have on top of his amazing metabolic conditioning skills since he always took the time to do assisted stretching after my workouts. I’ve incorporated stretching into my everyday routine now and am noticing such a difference in flexibility and balance and very little muscle soreness. He’s introduced me to equipment I would’ve never used otherwise and has pushed me to my limits every single session while never duplicating the same exercise.

A big thanks to Brendan, my 60Day coach and leader of TEAM Cut/Bootcamp – joining these classes a couple of days a week has been such a fun way to meet so many fellow members and puts a lot of fun into the workout. I gained a wonderful friend and appreciate all of “B’s” knowledge and support.

Nutrition was a big key to being successful during the 60 days. The recipes that are given are so easy to follow and remarkably delicious and I took the advice of the program to batch cook on Sundays so most of my meals were ready and just needed to be warmed up throughout the week. Having a toddler and a baby is hectic. Feeding them is even more chaotic but having a set meal plan every week is so helpful.

I also started taking the IBCAA’s that you can purchase in the Life Time Cafe, my trainer recommended drinking one serving of it during my workouts and one at night. I believe this has helped my muscle recovery immensely and provided a significant amount of growth. I also did the D.TOX at the beginning and end of the challenge. I found it really boosted my energy through the roof. I’ve really noticed a difference in quality with the Life Time supplements compared to the everyday brand I used to buy.

I’m so proud to be able to say I’m in the best shape of my life in my late 30s with two kids and did it all naturally. Eating fresh food, treating myself with a healthy treat from the recipe list and working my hardest at the gym every day.

My New Life:

Now that I reached my goal on the scale, I’m looking forward to maintaining my size, decreasing my body fat a bit more and gaining more strength and muscle.

My why is about getting up in the morning with more energy, fueling my body with nutritious food and knowing I’m doing everything possible to live a healthy life for my children and be at my best for them every minute of every day. The amount of strength and endurance I’ve gained working with Russell and Brendan has finally become apparent after completing the Assessment Workout again and nearly doubling everything. I have also noticed an amazing difference while attending the Heated Flow yoga classes. I have more power, strength and flexibility, it’s really rewarding to feel all of these changes.

Last, but certainly not least I’d like to thank and acknowledge the team members of Life Time who have made working out even possible. The Kids Academy crew are so amazing and I put my trust in them every day when I drop my babies off for 2 hours in order to be able to work out. They are so good with the kids and the programs they offer are unlike any other gym I’ve ever belonged to.

This wasn’t my first 60Day and it won’t be my last, but it was definitely my most successful!!