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Kristen Y.

Bloomfield Township, MI

Kristen Y Front

After spending an amazing summer with family and friends, traveling, having cookouts and bonfires, I knew I needed to do something to get my health and fitness back on track. The timing of this Fall 60day was perfect. My goal was to decrease my body fat percentage and increase my overall tone.

My plan: I was already consistently going to the gym doing mostly LifePower Yoga classes (but also some EDG Cycle and Barre). My plan was to continue that routine and be sure to get there 4 times per week.

Yoga has been a part of my life ever since I first set foot in the second floor Studio 2 at Life Time in Rochester Hills 17 years ago! It is my go-to work out because not only does it provide strength, flexibility, endurance for your body, but it does the same for your mind. Life Time has the most amazing yoga classes and now we have taken it to the next level with the Fire HIIT yoga classes! Cardio, strength, meditation, mobility, flexibility, all-in-one beautiful 1-hour class. That class has been a game changer for me – I can feel my body and mind changing every Wednesday morning.

The biggest challenge for me during this 60day was going to be my diet change. I do not do well with completely giving things up because I find it unsustainable. However, over the summer I had gotten into a habit of meeting up with friends, having a couple drinks and snacks a few times per week. For the 60day I cut back on alcohol, little to no sweets, and dining out only once every other week or so. The biggest challenge for me was having the willpower to stay away from those things but also keeping up my social life that is so important to have when staying home with two young kids every day. I was able to do this by just making smart choices when I could. Instead of beer, I would have a small glass of red wine. Instead of eating my lunches or dinners at birthday parties, I would eat something at home before I went.  These are little changes that can really make a big impact on health and are completely sustainable for the future.

As a mother, the biggest reason I have ever been able to keep a consistent workout routine is because of Life Time’s amazing Kid’s Academy. I have two young kids that love going to the gym because of the classes they get to do there as well. The staff is friendly, kind, welcoming to my children, and I can leave my kids there knowing they are safe and well taken care of while I am taking care of myself. The peace of mind that gives me is priceless! Plus, when my kids are begging to go to the gym, that gives me the push to get my workouts in. I love this Kid’s Academy so much I decided to join the team as a Guru, teaching yoga to children. So now, not only do I get to have my amazing yoga practice with LifePower yoga, I also get to see yoga through the eyes of children and help them learn to love and live what yoga can provide for our mind and body.