Finalists / Matthew K.

Matthew K.

Cary, NC

Matthew K Front

My wife and I decided to take the 60Day shortly after signing up to Life Time for the first time. With busy work schedules and three kids, we had gotten into some really unhealthy habits and weren’t getting the exercise we needed. So the 60Day seemed like a good way to kick things off and checking in with our personal trainer each week kept us accountable. I set a goal of 30 pounds, but to my surprise, I ended up losing over 40 because of the convenience and comfort of the gym. I went from over 40% body fat to 34% and, because of the positive lifestyle changes we’ve made, I’m sure I’ll be in even better shape after a few more weeks.

Daily workouts emailed directly to our inboxes were a great help and made it easy just to show up and get it done each day. The tailored mix of cardio and resistance training kept us from getting burned out and helped avoid losing muscle mass while still shedding fat. We learned a lot about monitoring our heart rates and proper weightlifting form from the app and material we were provided. My wife was shocked to find she actually loves lifting, while I had no idea how much I would come to appreciate the High Intensity Interval Training. If we hadn’t taken the challenge and followed the workout plan, we probably would have continued with only the exercises we were already familiar with.

The healthy recipes we got were also really easy and delicious. We particularly enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken Meatballs. Having some good go-to foods kept us from falling off the wagon and picking up old habits again. It was important that we didn’t feel like we needed to starve to lose weight and could keep our energy going for the workouts. Despite eating healthy throughout the 60Day, I didn’t feel deprived or overly hungry at any time. I think it’s really been a lifestyle changer for the whole family and we’ve given up the frequent fast food meals altogether. The LifeCafe also provided some great vitamin supplements, snacks and meals when we needed some nourishment during our visits. A Mocha Madness shake after swimming laps turned out to be one of my favorite ways to start the day.

Another great benefit we found was the Kids Academy where we could drop off our two younger children while we hit the equipment. A big hurdle for busy parents is often finding babysitters, so it was awesome to be able to bring the kids with us and keep up our momentum. They were always excited to go and got to pick up healthy skills with us by taking the kid’s classes. I learned our 4 year old daughter loves yoga and our 2 year old always begged to hit the pools after our workouts.

Instilling healthy habits and a lifestyle change for the whole family has been the best part of the 60Day experience. We have a blast every time we visit Life Time and truly appreciate the variety of equipment and class options. Building on the tips and program provided in the 60Day, we’ve introduced long term changes to our diet and made exercise a fun and vital part of our routine. Losing 40 pounds feels great, but making a real difference in our overall quality of life was the true reward.