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Stephanie A.

Flower Mound, TX

Stephanie A Front

Going into my fourth 60day ended up being my most successful one yet! I had the same goals as previous 60day challenges: Get the fat off! I didn’t have a numbered-goal, but I wanted to really reduce the fat, get into smaller size clothes, feel better physically and mentally and gain my confidence back. I’m very proud to say that I’ve reached all of those goals! I’ve lost close to 15lbs and most of that was my belly! I went from a size 16 to a size 12 in my pants size, so shopping is way easier than it used to be and I’m starting to actually enjoy it. I’m liking the way I look in the mirror more and more every day. My joints used to ache every day from lugging all of this weight around and now it’s significantly reduced or is even almost gone entirely! I have energy like I’ve never felt before that goes all day long. And my mental health is so positive with the confidence I’ve gained. I’ve noticed I’m way more social and not afraid to speak to people now. I feel like people aren’t looking at the “fat me” anymore and so I’m not afraid to come out of hiding and ENJOY LIFE!

What a journey it’s been and it’s still just the beginning of the road for me. It’s exciting to imagine that it’s just going to get better from here. During this particular 60day, I continued my training with a personal trainer. Oscar is always encouraging me and pushing me forward. When there is a new exercise that I don’t think I can do, he reminds me that it’s all in my head and to just try it. He is the reason I haven’t given up when it gets tough or I’m having a rough workout. Taking advantage of Life Time’s personal training program is what really helped me accomplish my goals. I couldn’t have done this without his help.

As far as nutrition goes, that also played a huge part. I did take the stress & resiliency assessment and had a meeting with a registered dietician. We discussed that my adrenal glands were basically exhausted from the inflammation and other stressors in my body. And since I had a food sensitivity assessment previously, I knew that what I was eating was causing a lot of that inflammation. It was so important to understand what was going on in my body, learning the science of how it works and what to do to improve it. So, during this 60day, I focused my nutrition on going low-carb and increasing my healthy fats and protein macros. And it was like overnight, my weight was dropping fast, starting with all of the inflammation and water weight. My belly shrank a ton! Now with the inflammation reduced, my adrenal glands can get a much-needed break. And my joints appreciate it, too!  I also reduced my intensity of cardio, keeping most of my burn within zone 2. This is all about working smarter, not harder. And it’s paying off!

Thank you to everyone at Life Time and the Flower Mound, Texas location for this incredible journey, but it ain’t over yet! More to come!