Finalists / Tanette S.

Tanette S.

Parker, CO

Tanette S Front

Another 60Day is like a new mountain to climb! Boy, if someone had told me how much more work it would be to get my body to change at my age (almost 48) in its fun hormonal state, perhaps I would have thought twice about those many sweets and drinks I had been consuming over the past several years. This would be my advice to those younger than me; don’t wait to get your fitness routine. Yet, trying to reach your future goals by looking in the rear-view mirror will never happen.

What made the difference this time, versus ALL the others, was really two things. First, I am grateful for Life Time and my AMAZING trainer John Fazcek. He provided me with everything I needed to create a plan and have the tools to execute it with the accountability and expertise to stick with it. He even did the challenge right along with us!

My trainer, knowing his clients well, realized we all had a competitive nature. To keep us all on track towards healthy goals and completing the 60Day, he created a team accountability system for us. We received weekly points – 3 total. One for tracking our food daily (boy is this enlightening, I recommend it.). I was consuming 1400 calories daily, so not starving myself. Another point for accomplishing ALL our planned workouts. For me, this was lifting 3x a week, cycling 3x a week (running is not an option with back and knee injuries) and super important, 3 stretching and rolling routines created to support past injuries, aches, pains & prevent future injuries – something I’ve battled. Can anyone relate? If I completed all workouts, this was 1 point for the week! The final third point is for a positive weekly weigh in; meaning my weight or body fat percentage moved in the direction of our set goals.

Speaking of goals, John and I created goals that would be challenging, yet healthy and sustainable for me to hit and continue to work at after the challenge; another battle of mine in the past. My goal was to lose 1.2 lbs. per week and get my Body Fat percentage below 20, which I accomplished and then some! From Life Time classes, nutritional coaching, personal training, supplements, the spa and even the delicious, well-balanced meals in the café! Plus, let’s not forget the 60Day weekly emails and videos, great for those 2 weeks that I traveled! There was no excuse for not having the tools I needed to be successful!

This leads me to my second reason why this 60Day was different. I “decided to decide.” No more “let’s give this a try” or “we’ll sign up and see how this goes.” Or setting goals that just weren’t realistic, causing me discouragement along the way. I had to be intentional about my goals and decide before I even signed up – I would do this and stick to the plan and workouts created by John! No matter how many tools Life Time and my trainer can offer and create for us, it’s up to me to get myself in the car and to the gym. It’s me that decided to say no to alcohol at the family wedding I attended, my hubby’s b-day, my 18-year anniversary and my several trips out of town for business. I had to DECIDE to DECIDE that I wanted this and when you decide, willpower doesn’t seem so hard! Willpower is hard, when you don’t decide! My trainer helped me prepare before these big events. We planned and re-planned and adjusted. It’s never perfect.

How is my life different now? Well most importantly my yoga pants are back to feeling cozy. I feel HEALTHY, happy and more energetic. I am excited to get to the gym instead of dreading it. My overall pain is under control and almost gone in many areas! I was able to kick my HUGE sugar addiction, yet still enjoy some treats later in the 60Day. I eat more veggies and protein and next to no processed carbs. They just don’t make my body feel well and my digestive tract, inflammation and head tension are able to signal me quickly now when it’s not enjoying what I’m eating or drinking. Before, those signals were so clogged, the messages from my body were getting lost and I continued to make poor decisions. I feel fantastic and one thing I’ve learned is even if I made this summit, climbed this mountain, it does not end.

However, with a successful climb, I’m more prepared and excited and ready to climb the next mountain. I didn’t deprive myself during this challenge. Yes, I made sacrifices, but for the first time, I hit my goals in a healthy way. The last day wasn’t a day that I was counting down so I could finally get back to eating what I wanted to eat. It was a day for me to check in, celebrate and keep progressing forward. I’m deeply grateful to John and his years of knowledge and talents, his ability to be in tune with his clients and how he supported all of us. I created relationship during this 60Day that WILL continue! This always helps getting to the gym on those rainy or bye days easier. If I can decide to decide, so can you!