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Colleen’s Story

Core 3 Method Journey!

My transformation journey is based on stressful events in my personal life, Life Time tests, nutrition programs, and supplements compounded for Life Time.  I am an advocate of Life Time because there is no other gym that offers you Core 3 method programs or wellness tests designed to give the average consumer the quality of wellness education or training programs designed for everyone. Life Time gives you options built for success.

Here is my story: My name is Colleen, I am a 47 year old middle school Band Director from Gilbert, Arizona. I enrolled in the 60day because there were a series of life changing events in 2019 that brought my stress level to an all-time high. These events included my grandfather passed away, my previous job at an inner-city failing middle school was very stressful dealing with non-compliant students daily, 12 hour work days,  2 hour daily commute,  60 hour work weeks, and finally, gaining 30 lbs. I lost from the 2018 60day. My weight ballooned to 167.2 lbs. and 30.4% BF. Therefore, I had to make significant changes in my life.

First, I got a new job at a different middle school closer to home. This 30 minute commute got 5 more hours of my life back so I could focus on my health and wellness.

Phyllis G, a Life Time Trainer, Nutritional Counselor, and On-Boarding Manager, designed meal plans to improve my eating habits. In addition, she suggested I follow the Life Time Core 3 method: Know it, Nourish it, Move it.  Therefore, she recommended a series of wellness tests to gather initial data so a detailed workout and nutrition plan could be designed and implemented based on those results.  These tests included: a Resting Metabolic Assessment, an Active Metabolic Assessment, Gut Fix Program, supplements, and personal training.

The RMA results showed I burned very little calories at rest so the AMA program was implemented to increase the number of calories burned.  I followed the AMA program weekly as I ran H.I.I.T intervals on the treadmill 4-5 days a week.  This increased the number of calories I burned daily but also improved my overall cardiovascular activity too. As a result, my basal metabolic rate increased 179 points from 1336-1515 and my visceral fat level dropped from Level 8 to Level 5.

The Gut.Fix program corrected my G.I. Tract while maximizing my digestive tract.  I lost 7 lbs. within the first week and on Day 30, I lost 15 lbs. total, an average of 2 lbs. per week!

I also incorporated the following LTF supplements into my daily lifestyle:

  • Life Time Women’s AM/PM Multivitamin
  • Life Time Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • Life Time Vitamin D
  • Life Time Magnesium Buffered Chelate
  • Life Time Vegan Protein powder
  • Generation UCAN powdered drink mix
  • Life Time Pre-Workout Complex
  • Life Time BCAA Recovery

Phyllis also recommended I take the Lifetime Training Stress and Resilience Test. The results showed my 12 hour work days were sabotaging my progress. So I began my training regimen with, Joe Genova, a Life Time trainer.

Joe Ge, (former bodybuilder), is a fitness expert who knows which strength training exercises to target the body in order to maximize physical change.  He is committed to his client’s transformation journey and is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Because he has substantial knowledge training as a bodybuilder, Joe tested my strength weekly as he used a variety of exercises using different tempo’s, supersets, drop sets, compound sets, isolation exercises, etc. Many of these exercises tested my strength and agility levels because at times, I would push/pull in excess of 800 lbs. and my 170-180 HR would increase my performance fitness level to exceed my expectations.

Joe set specific goals for me to target individually 4 days a week and advised me on specific exercises to incorporate into my training while he trained me once a week.  He made sure my transformation workout regimen and diet was his top priority so I would see results.

Therefore, he designed a 5 day strength training/RMA H.I.I.T treadmill program.  I weight trained for 60-75 minutes then completed 30-40 minutes of H.I.I.T cardiovascular activity.  I also sat in the sauna for 60 minutes weekly, ate 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight, drank 120 ounces of water daily, and ate lean fish or chicken, whole grains (brown rice or sweet potatoes), healthy fats such as avocados,  Life Time Vegan protein shakes, and blueberries or blackberries.

Overall, I lost 20.9lbs. and 10.3% BF. My weight decreased from 167.2 to 146.3 lbs. My BMI today is 20.1%.The Core 3 method provided the foundation necessary to make a successful transformation. Today, I am leaner, stronger, and faster because Life Time gave me the assessment and training options to improve my overall fitness goals.