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Danielle K.

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Nutrition & Metabolic Coach

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Personal Trainer

Danielle’s Story

Becoming part of the Life Time family has completely transformed my life. I walked into the club on July 2, 2019 for my on-boarding session and joined the 60 Day Program. While I have to say it was one of the scariest moments of my life; it was also the single-best decision I have ever made.

Prior to walking into Life Time, I had been on a 16-year slow plummet downward. I allowed myself to crawl into a dark place & gained a substantial amount of weight. I weighed in at 380 lbs., had a fatty liver & an under-active thyroid. I was eating once a day, if at all, & it was always fast food. In order to get through my long work hours, I drank multiple energy drinks. I did nothing for myself because I never felt worthy enough to take care of myself. I was too busy taking care of everyone else.

I have a brother with autism, who has been my responsibility since my teenage years due to a mother with some significant addiction. I also care for a friend of mine with Down syndrome, who has since become a member and trains with Tracey Enos. On top of that, I manage four group homes for adults with disabilities, am pursing a PhD., & run a special needs figure skating team. I always told myself there was no time for me. When I wasn’t working or caring for someone, I stayed home, sat on the computer, read books & binged on Netflix alone. It was becoming more difficult to do things such as climbing stairs, putting on my shoes, clipping a bra, walking, fitting into chairs, using normal stalls in the bathroom, buckling my seatbelt, getting out of a couch and fitting into rides in Disney.

Joining Life Time’s 60 Day Program allowed me to close a very dark chapter in my life & start a new, bright & inspiring one. I was connected with Lisa Monachos at my onboarding session where we started working together twice a week on personal training. She immediately connected me with Tracey, where we started with nutritional coaching. We then added metabolic training to get through that pesky Zone 4 workout & Pilates. I have had a lot of coaches over the years in figure skating, but never in my life have I had 2 people who truly care about me, who do not judge me based on my size, who want me to succeed, who inspire me to do better, who hold me accountable & who honestly love me for me.

I have made some huge transformations. I have been taken off of my thyroid medication. I have learned how to eat actual food that isn’t full of chemicals. I completed the D.TOX program. My planks were non-existent and are now at 45 seconds. I can actually get into Zone 4 without feeling like I am going to pass out. I can run up the stairs at the club. I am dead-lifting, squatting and bench-pressing. My body is shrinking, as I have lost a total of fifty-seven pounds and a whole lot of inches!

My 60 Day began with setting a goal of losing 20 lbs. I completely outshined that goal. The 60 Day meal plans, recipes and helpful tips were wonderful to follow. I felt like the inspiring words from professionals made harder days seem easier. The camaraderie of knowing that thousands of people in the nation were also participating in the 60 Day Program made me feel like I was not alone anymore. I have found my community! Our team name is “Team un-L.T.D.,” which means unlimited. The L, T and D is our initials. With these 2, I honestly feel like we are unlimited with what we can & will accomplish. I am not someone who lets people in. In fact, Lisa and Tracey are the only two who know my weight and size, until now. I am learning how to trust, as well as becoming more comfortable with people caring about me. These 2 want nothing but the best for me & I am so grateful for them.

Walt Disney once said, “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I hope that my story helps others realize that no matter what curve balls life throws at us all, giving up is never an option. You are important & worthy enough and if you search hard enough, you will find people who want you to be successful. Never throw in the towel on yourself. No matter what happens with this challenge, I feel like I have won my life back. I feel like I am on such a great path to accomplish anything I want.  As Dumbo said, “Don’t just fly, soar.” I truly am soaring.