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Johnathan T.

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GTX Cut Coach

Jonathan’s Story

Our bracelets ask, “What’s Your After?” I wanted “My After” to be a new me, a healthy me, I wanted to win my life back;

  • After, I wanted to not DIE in my sixties, to be there for my wife and 5-year-old
  • After, I wanted to go to my daughter’s wedding
  • After, I wanted to go to my granddaughter’s wedding
  • After, I wanted to have my clothes fit, to be proud of my body, to feel great
  • After, I wanted to be a living example of how to be healthy
  • After, I wanted to eliminate my hypertension
  • After, I wanted to end the cycle, of next year I will lose weight, next birthday, next time …
  • Then I found a way to make “My After” happen.

I joined Life Time in June but only lost about five pounds on my own. I did a Life Time Active Metabolic Assessment and a Resting Metabolic Assessment with trainer Matt. He showed me that I had been working out wrong for 20 years. Instead of hitting my fat burning target heart rate all I was ever doing was burning off the glucose in my body.

I needed more help. I talked with Dan B. He had a big poster of himself behind his desk, he was a 60days finalist for Summer 2019. I said that I wanted those changes, to push myself to win the 60days. Dan said that I needed to go all in, to commit myself and be mentally tough, he said I needed to do group training, he said I needed…

Brittany W.

Brittany is a Life Time trainer who teaches classes five days a week. She is Dan’s trainer and has trained past 60days finalists. Brittany had me try one of her small group sessions. After that I was hooked, determined to lose weight, gain muscle, and finally win my life back.

Brittany made goals a priority. She asked, “Do you want to lose 40 pounds or LOOK like you lost 40 pounds?” I know now she was asking me to make a choice between being fit and thin. She showed me how and gave me confidence to be fit the right way; to have the body to burn calories, to have energy, to reach higher, work harder, and feel better in body and mind.

Training with Brittany in her small classes was amazing. I could see that this was a group of friends. I had always worked out solo but now I had friends who support me and push me to work harder and show by example. I soon learned burpees, bear crawls and mountain climbers, I picked up a kettle bell for the first time and went from 18kg to 28kg.

The individual attention from Brittany was invaluable, she would always demonstrate the movements, the weights and the machines. She tailored the weights and the exercises in each set, for each person; remembering who had injuries or surgery, even when there where over a dozen people in her class.

I could ask her questions about, exercise, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle. Brittany would text almost daily, I would send pictures of my weigh-ins, and my progress photos. She also got me to swim again, insisting swimming and using the Life Time sauna was a fantastic way to loose fat.

Life Time showed me how I was dieting wrong; not nearly enough protein, water or calories. Both Dan and Brittany encouraged me to start a complete meal plan. I thought the plan was all backwards, instead of eating less I was eating more. I was going to greatly increase my metabolism and burn calories constantly.

Instead of starving myself I turned into a fat burning machine.

I quickly realized that the meal plan Brittany tailored to me was key to my success.

I received so much encouragement from the Life Time staff, asking me how much I lost and handing out fist bumps in the hall. After 45 days I reached 200 lbs. for the first time since my wedding. I was so excited to tell my family and friends how much I lost and show them the before and after pictures. I want to inspire my family, especially my parents, to do the next 60days challenge and use all Life Time has to offer. I know that if they sign up together, they will see dramatic life changing results. I want “my after” to be not for myself but for everyone that I love.

“My After” is;

  • 32.5 total pounds lost, weighing under 190 lbs.,
  • 10 lbs. of muscle gained,
  • 51.3% reduction in body fat, from 33.1% body fat to 16.1%!

“My After” is more energy, workout highs, sharp mind, better sleep, no need for coffee, doing more in less time, feeling simply AWESOME!

“My After” is NO MORE MIGRAINES. I have suffered migraines all my life.  I would get them every week; I was on two prescriptions. Since doing the 60days they have disappeared. This is the longest I have ever gone without a migraine. This is amazing to eliminate the debilitating pain, to erase something I had cosigned myself to live with the rest of my life.

“My After” is; training with Brittany, following meal plans, and learning healthy habits for a lifetime. I will remember these 60days as the turning point where I won my life back.

“My After” is working at Life Time to win my health back, not only saving my life, but to live a better one for myself and for my family.

Thank you everyone,