Saint Louis Park, MN

Kathy L.

Kathy’s Trainers

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Personal Trainer

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GTX Cut Coach

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Dietitian & Nutrition Coach

Kathy’s Story

Turning 50 makes you evaluate where you are in life and that is exactly what I started doing. I had let life circumstances take control and I became the lowest priority.  I was not happy mentally or physically, so I knew it was time to make a change – hello 60day!!

I had lived most of my life with stomach/digestive issues even to the point of having exploratory surgery.  I knew the majority of my issue was due to not eating healthy.  I used excuses based on having to travel 1-3 weeks of the month for my job.  That also became my excuse for not working out as often as I should.  I always struggled with an extra 10-15 pounds but as I have been getting older the weight is harder to take off and I noticed I was really starting to gain.  I needed to get serious about my health and lifestyle so decided to meet with a nutritionist from Life Time that I had worked with in the past. It was time to make myself a priority.

When I met with Michael, he asked me why now and what is going to make this time different (I had participated in the 60day program in the past)? I told him I was truly tired of not feeling good and really wanted to make a change to the life I was living. I knew the things I needed to do or change but needed the guidance and support to get there.  I needed to have a goal and prove to myself for once that I could achieve it. The 60day program would help me with that.  I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have a little incentive like recently getting engaged and planning a wedding for next year!

Michael worked with me on a plan – I was set up with a nutritionist, signed up for GTX Cut class 3 times a week and a trainer to assist me with a running program.  What had I gotten myself into?

I was ready, nervous and excited.  I still had a bit of self-doubt.  I started with the D.TOX which set me on the right course to begin feeling better.  I also saw initial results on my numbers going down which helped with my motivation.  My focus has been on nutrition and making eating healthy a way of life.   I can honestly say that I have turned a corner.  It hasn’t been completely easy, and I haven’t been 100% perfect but taking one day at a time and becoming in tune with my body and how I feel has allowed me to not only make good choices but WANT to make good choices when it comes to food.  One example is cutting out soda and increasing my water intake – this was huge for me as Diet Mt. Dew was my vice and I hardly drank water as I didn’t care for it. My nutritionist provided me with alternatives for when I miss the “carbonation” or just need a little something different.  I am excited to say I am an official water drinker; I no longer crave soda and plan to keep it out of my diet.

Next came the workouts – I hadn’t been working out so was afraid to join the GTX Cut class for fear of being too out of shape.  I jumped in and the trainer Jen made me feel very welcome as did the members of the class.  The classes weren’t easy, but they weren’t supposed to be either.  I would go each morning and think to myself “I don’t know if I can do this” and then I would finish the class and smile and think – I just did that!  I made sure to do the morning classes as that way I did not have an excuse to not go other than when I traveled.  Getting up at 5:00 was tough but has been worth it and now has become a habit.  When I travel, Jen sends me workouts that I can do so I don’t lose momentum.

Each week I was seeing progress – it was working!  I was losing weight and body fat while gaining muscle.   I was noticing changes to my body and I was feeling great.  I had more energy, my attitude was better and the changes I have been making now have become the new “normal” or way of life for me.  Amazing what you can achieve when you hold yourself accountable!

Even though I had the support of the Life Time team, having the support of my fiancé made all the difference.  When I would get home from my workouts, he would tell me how proud he was of me. Funny what hearing those words can do. He also started commenting on the changes he was seeing.   I even have him getting up in the morning and coming to the club to workout.

Although the 60day has come to an end, the journey for me will continue.  I am happy with the progress that I have made but I still have more I want to achieve.  To date, I have lost 8 pounds and 8% body fat.  My original goal was to be down 10 pounds and I know I can get there.  It really isn’t about the number; it is about being happy and healthy and that is what I feel I have achieved with the 60day program. I now look forward to turning 50 and the goals that I will achieve!

Thank you to Michael S, Samantha M, Jennifer W, Alec B, GTX Cut 6:00 a.m. members and the Life Time staff for helping me create a new healthy lifestyle.