Gainesville, VA

Michelle E.

Michelle’s Story

Change is scary for some people. The thought of not being able to change terrified me. I spent 20+ years in the military so I was used to my life constantly evolving. I retired in ’16 when our daughter was born because I didn’t want to miss a moment of her childhood. I began to lose myself like what happens to many stay at home moms. Life became fuller when our son was born but that meant even less time and my weight hit 205 lbs. I was horrified and avoided the scale. I slid further into anxiety/depression due to lack of sleep plus never emotionally dealing with previous miscarriages and PTSD. In Sept ’18, I made the decision to change and we became Life Time Gainesville founding members. I worked out on my own, ate healthier, and waited impatiently for grand opening. In Mar ’19, I started Pilates classes with Yewon for two months to rebuild my core after we discovered I had disastis recti. I also started GTX Cut classes with Stan/Darius plus cardio workouts. After 8 months I reached my first goal when I lost 52 pounds.

During GTX Cut class, Stan mentioned the Fall 60day and I signed up that day…needing help to reach new goals. Trainers stressed nutrition but I felt it was complicated/hard to maintain long term. We talked about my goals: build muscle, lose body fat, and box jumps. He explained macros and set daily nutrition goals to 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. We planned to transition from GTX to Alpha/Spartan. I promised myself that I would follow the 60day plan 100%. It was tough but never impossible with their support.

I was lucky to have 3 core rock stars to guide me through this journey: Stan, Scott, and Darius. The first few 5AM Alpha Strong classes with Darius were tough. It was a little easier since Sophia greeted me by name with a big smile and I got to see my workout partner Karen. Each day we left feeling powerful and ready to take on the world! On Aug 23rd, I completed one of my goals: box jumps! A few weeks later, I broke down in tears after I did 27 during a Team Spartan circuit. Team Spartan class with Scott have been amazing since I’ve always dealt with confidence issues in group classes. On the video screens, Scott’s quote is from Thomas Jefferson: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’ve learned to turn my runner’s competitive nature inward while working to be stronger/more effective than the last day. That was a turning point since I can truly appreciate my journey. Surrender classes with Rita stretched sore muscles and provided regrouping each week. Lastly, the flex plan allowed me to change the routine through different formats and coaching styles: Alyson in GTX Burn, Sean/Josh in Alpha Strong, and Stan in GTX Cut helped push me to new levels.

Setbacks are part of growth and change. Cleaner eating helped my body feel so much better through the D.TOX program. I had to start supplementing with Life Time Vegan Protein+ All-In-One shakes. They gave me a quick/easy way for additional nutrition on busy days. I began to feel sluggish and decided to take the Food Sensitivity Test. It showed that I have sensitivity to casein/beta lactoglobulin so that meant more diet changes. I also dislocated my thumb but the trainers adapted with challenging modifications/kept progress on track.

There was great support not only for my journey but for making my family feel at home. Our 3 year old and 15 month old both adore Alissa at the Life Cafe. She takes time getting to know even the youngest members. The kids love spending time at Kids Academy so it decreases stress when you know they are having fun, too. Meg, James, Alicia, Taylor, and the rest of the team are wonderful. Life Time is now a family habit. Our daughter patiently waits for Daddy to come home so we can have a “family adventureā€ at Life Time.

60day was more than weight loss. It was about total transformation on both the inside and outside. I learned in the military to find subject experts and there are so many people waiting to help you succeed at Life Time. My anxiety/depression are under better control. My jeans size went from size 14 to size 8. I did the Alpha Showdown seven weeks into the 60day and increased my max deadlift weight from 125lbs to 165lbs. I have more energy to balance working out with family life plus started my dream job as a photographer. Not to mention I can now fit into the same bikini I wore during our honeymoon 7 years ago!

60day provided a baseline and now the sky is the limit. Nutrition to support life changes is definitely easier. We bookmarked several 60day recipes plus learned how to make many of our favorite meals healthier. Shelby suggested trying coconut aminos vs soy sauce and that is one of my favorite substitutions. I will keep my flex plan so I can split between GTX, Spartan, and Alpha. My next goals are to complete a triathlon sprint and a Spartan race. I know these are tough goals but they will be achieved through continued dedication and utilizing everything I learned during the 60day.