Woodbury, MN

Thomas S.

Thomas’s Trainer


Leichen F.

Personal Trainer

Thomas’s Story

A 60day is best done in a Team environment!  And not just with another member, but also a personal trainer and the support of a proactive Fitness club like Life Time!

As suggested by our trainer Leichen Foster, I joined forces with another challenger, who also happens to be my Bad Ass Girlfriend!  We quickly articulated our goals and integrated our activities along the 60day event.  Leichen was instrumental in providing great advice on adding cardio to walks, designing team workouts, and recommended dietary changes.    We took the suggestions to heart literally and figuratively!

Our 60day overlapped a lot of travel including a trip to Alaska, the Grand Tetons, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and even the Lake Superior National Park.   We did long hikes together almost every day, and were able to stay on track with the exercise.   So there is proof that travel does not have to upset your physical activities and health promotion opportunities!   In fact, several of our trips together have included long mountain hikes with significant elevation challenges.

Of course, exercise at Life Time was an integral part of accomplishing our goals.  We participated fully in the 60day Saturday events, nutrition training, and meal prep and planning information provided to participants.  We did a couples workout twice a week, plus the Saturday morning challenge workout, and had other opportunities for stretching, and individual workouts. The initial Assessment and post reassessment was a valuable way to track our mutual accomplishments during this program.  We both improved across every exercise and more so the post assessment recovery was quick and painless!

We also were able to look at eating out from a healthy perspective, always inquiring as to the healthier side of menus including some very tasty veggie burgers, buffalo and elk, as wells as good vegetable choices like baked Brussel sprouts, and many sweet potato and steamed vegetable substitutes.  The funniest quote heard from other participants was “you can’t outrun a bad diet”.  And this is so true!  We strived not to do one-step forward and then two steps back with bad diets.   We discovered that diets while on travel can be managed as well.   We didn’t just eat what was presented to us, we shared meals and appetizers so as to force portion control, and also selected the healthier choices, and intentionally moved unwanted items off our plates so there was not temptation to eat them.  In all, we were very successful in promoting not only good diets, but good dietary habits.

Our 60day was AMAZING and we crushed the results!   It was filled with Hiking in national parks, walking to salmon run steams in Alaska, looking for Moose, and doing city tour hikes to enjoy the food and drink along the way.  It was a great way to relearn healthy living and eating.   So much fun!  It was also proof that success can happen even with a busy schedule and lots of travel.  Lifestyle changes can be done on the road as well as at home.  Our challenges were overcome with all of the above help from everyone at Life Time, and of course our great personal trainer Liechen!

We truly feel that the 60day has helped us not only lose weight and % body fat, but to permanently change our lifestyles and make good health and fitness easier!

Thanks Life Time!  And THANK YOU Leichen!