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Tony’s Story

My name is Tony and I am an individual that is definitely a better person as a direct result of this 60day at Life Time. When this began, I just wanted not to end up disappointing my family or myself and to develop long-term habits that were easy to maintain. As a Registered Nurse, I am constantly taking care of others, but now it was time to figure how to take care of me. I wanted to have success, but started out not knowing what success would be.  I had generic goals such as wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, and lose fat, but no idea how to make it happen.

I have always been kind of a loner and typically want to figure out things on my own, but I knew that on this journey I was going to need help and support. Life Time came through for me in a BIG way. I am in the GTX Burn class held 3 times per week and it has helped to ignite my passion to continue on the road to success.  It has helped me understand how to track my heart rate in order to maximize my fat burn, thus working smarter, not harder.  The sense of community with the members of this team gives me hope and keeps me coming back. I have a variable work schedule, with fluctuating shifts from days to nights, weekends, or weekdays.  Despite my erratic schedule, the early morning convenience that Life Time offers allows me to be consistent with exercise.  I go into the club as soon as it opens, work on my cardio for an hour, then use the club facilities to shower and get ready for work.  I also squeeze in an hour of one-on-one personal training each week.  With the help and support of my trainer, I am getting stronger and continuing to build endurance as each week goes by.

My major lifestyle changes have included incorporating vigorous exercise on a daily basis and then focusing on my nutrition and awareness of how meal prep and planning plays such a key role in weight loss success. Not only have I used the club for finding ways to be more active, I have also discovered more active ways to spend time with family and friends while also hitting my daily step goals. Recently, I participated in (and won) a month-long step challenge that was being held on my individual nursing unit at the hospital where I work. Without the constant motivation I receive daily from the staff and members at Life Time, I would have never attempted to participate in a challenge that required me to be consistently active.  The next big hurdle on my journey was figuring out how to manage my nutrition in order to fuel my body and not fall into my bad habits of the past that had always led to self-sabotage when trying to manage a busy life with so much fast food convenience available at every turn.  I incorporated the healthy recipes that were included in the 60day program and learned how to track my food and plan meals ahead of my schedule, so that I am in control of my daily caloric intake, rather than letting unhealthy choices of convenience destroy all of my hard work.

In late March 2017, I suffered a great loss when my younger brother Thomas passed away from a massive heart attack at the young age of 39.  There were no good-byes, just unbelievable shock.  I knew I was in worse shape than he was, so this became a constant reminder for me that I need to address my health for me, as tomorrow is not a guarantee for anyone.  I had the same medical issues — obstructive sleep apnea, uncontrolled hypertension, as well as Type 2 Diabetes being on the list of life-threatening diseases.  My doctor was in disbelief at the improvement in my numbers during my last check up, as prior to joining this challenge; I could never find a way to take control of my health.

Although the 60day is over, thanks to Life Time I now know that I will reach my goals by staying consistent, remaining focused and managing life one day at a time.  In regards to my initial goals, I surpassed my own expectations, and while the numbers are good, they are just the beginning.  This journey was not about winning the challenge, rather it was about finding a winner within me and thanks to the amazing support at Life Time, I can truly say that I have done just that.  The lost person that did not know how to define success is no longer present within me.  The winner that I found will continue having weight loss success and lead as a positive role model for my daughter.  With all of the programs available for me at Life Time, this has become a place to find peace, gain strength, and create a healthy lifestyle for our entire family.  Team classes, nutrition coaching, personal training, kids academy, school holiday camps, swim lessons, summer time fun at the pool, healthy cafe meal options, nutritional supplements, and the list goes on.  I know that with my determination and with the help of Life Time, I will succeed.  I am still a work in progress, but I am improving every day.  The past 60 days have just turned into the beginning of my new healthy life.  I also know that Thomas would be proud!