Brooke S.

Folsom, CA

brooke s. fall 2021

Brooke’s Trainer


Joshua F.

Nutrition Coach | Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Weight Management
Olympic Lifting

Brooke’s Story


Consistency and small changes have completely changed my life.

Key 1: My Why

Initially, during this 60day Challenge, I had a hard time defining my WHY. Nothing seemed to be enough inspiration to keep me away from my unhealthy habits. I woke up one day and realized I was 250 pounds. I had a hard time playing on the floor with my kids or completing daily tasks. By 2pm I was exhausted. Looking in the mirror I didn’t even recognize my own reflection. I desperately wanted to lose weight, but I kept getting in my own way. I used the stressors in my life; as an excuse to overindulge in alcohol and bad foods. I always allowed something to throw me off, if I thought it would make me feel better. It became a slippery slope. One bad choice led to another. I justified bad decisions with excuses based on stress. My lack of consistency caused my health and weight to Yo-Yo. During this 60day Challenge I finally I discovered my WHY had to be rooted in authentic dedication to true transformation. This wasn’t for my kids, this wasn’t for a big event, my why was BECOMING WHO I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE. No more excuses! I was determined to find healthy foods I loved, exercise that garnished results, (that I looked forward to doing) and for my results to be concrete evidence that I was Better… Stronger… Healthier! The 60day is over, but my lifestyle is forever changed.

Key 2: Be Effective

In the last 60 days I have lost over 17 pounds and 9% body fat! Which means that I have now surpassed my overall weight loss goal of 60lbs! My BMI went from Obese to NORMAL! I gained 5.4 pounds of lean muscle and I have finally learned how to fuel my body, burn fat, build strength, and make my body work for me. These results made me the winner at my local gym, something I am very proud of!

During the challenge I realized the importance of consistency. If I did a little bit every day and swapped 1 bad choice for a good choice, I would change my thought process and ultimately drive results.

It may seem cliché, but now I work smarter, not harder.

Knowing my heart rate zones dramatically changed my idea of an “effective workout”. I was always under the impression I had to go as hard as I could and raise my heart rate to the limit in order to lose weight. Doing an AMA showed me that at a heart rate of 120-154 I burn 85-99% fat! For me that’s a brisk walk or strength training! Incorporating these zone 2 days helped me physically and emotionally. Physically – to burn fat and gain muscle and Mentally –  I could consistently show up, even on days I was tired and still be effective. I found that I was looking forward to the gym because, for the first time, it felt like somewhere I could thrive and not just survive. The combination of those two changes allowed me to feel accomplished in every workout.


Coach Flynn was essential to my success. He provided me the tools, the education, and the motivation; and pushed me to hold myself accountable. He made my nutrition goals simple and easy. We broke everything into macros. I could eat “whatever I wanted” if it fit in my macros. My nutrition plan became an educational tool for my success. I also added a supplement regiment which properly replenishes what my body needs. Flynn taught me how to restore my metabolic health after months of calorie deficit and created a program based on repair and on-going effectiveness. This plan looked so different from everything else I had ever tried. Building more muscle would help my body burn more calories and burn more body fat, which will lead to long term success. Ultimately, he encouraged me to trust the process and NEVER GAVE UP ON ME.

Key 4: Workout Program

By far my favorite part of my program is Alpha Strength, Alpha Conditioning and Alpha Fight. I had always wanted to be a part of the Alpha Team. I would see the classes in progress across the gym and longed “to be able”. What I discovered was each person in class had different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It wasn’t my body that wasn’t ready for Alpha, it was my mindset. Coach Flynn armed me with the confidence to jump in and believe in myself. I quickly made friends with the group, and I am inspired by their journeys and their dedication.

I am now ready to test my newly acquired endurance and strength in the upcoming Alpha Trials!! Over the 60 days I have attended over 100 Alpha classes and I find myself genuinely excited to attend class each day. None of which would have been possible without the Kids Academy. Knowing that my two toddlers (1 & 3) are being so lovingly cared for allows me to stay committed and have the “me time” I need. I feel forever changed. Never again will the scale read 250 pounds. I am educated. I am prepared. I am able! The greatest triumph overall is the new healthy habits I’ve established. I am not depleted; I am not desperate to reach the end date of a diet. I have a healthy-sustainable lifestyle.