George M.

Vernon Hills, IL

george m. fall 2021

George’s Trainer


Ashley T.

Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Performance Enhancement
Post Injury/Corrective Exercise
General Health and Wellness


Darnell J.

Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer | Studio Instructor

Weight Management
Contest Prep
Functional Fitness


Keith G.

Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Performance Enhancement
Post Injury/Corrective Exercise
General Health and Wellness

George’s Story

My battle with fitness and weight loss is a daily battle, and I was literally struggling to get fit. I was obese and tried everything to get fit. Then, my son Kennedy invited me to Life Time. I thought this was another LA fitness and did not even want to try it. But, he persisted, and I finally relented.

I came to Life Time, and I was literally blown away. The place was awe-inspiring with the latest equipment, everything so clean and meticulous, the staff was always smiling, polite and friendly, and the classes were superb. The whole family joined, and we took the Onyx membership as I saw the tremendous value.

I had multiple injuries – ankle fracture, ACL surgery on my right knee, and an injured shoulder with limited range of motion due to a car accident. I always presumed that all these were handicaps and never did strength exercises, but the internal mental myth was broken by Life Time coaches. Their outstanding and brilliant support helped me get into regular strength exercises. I disciplined myself by attending GTX Strength by Keith G, Barbell Strength by Bryan M, GTX Conditioning by Darnell J, GTX Strength by Ashley T, and Strictly Strength by Darnell.

The 60day Fall Flex Challenge made me review my daily eating habits, and I began to focus on the healthy food recipes given by the flex tutorials with the right portions. I started seeing results within two weeks, and by the fourth week, I lost almost 10 lbs. In addition, my entire body was getting fitter and toned for the first time in my life.

I had two goals while joining the 60day Fall Flex Challenge.

  1. Get fit, toned up, and lose weight by using CICO deficit (Calories in (healthy eating) versus Calories out (exercise))
  2. Get into a disciplined routine of exercise and healthy eating habits.

Life Time helped me stay focused, motivated, and disciplined. The most significant push came through the daily classes GTX, Studio Barbell, Strictly Strength, Gluteus Maxout, HIIT workouts, Upper RX. In addition, the steam room helped me relax after a rigorous exercise.

The Life Time facilities are simply excellent. The LifeSpa, the LifeCafé, the Steam, the Sauna, the indoor and outdoor pool, the Studios, the Soccer, Squash, Basketball courts, etc. They add energy and dynamism to fitness and the motivation to continue. The latest machines like the Zero Runner, Ride, Techno Gym treadmills, and the range of cardio and strength equipment are simply magnificent. I had fun playing soccer at indoor soccer and basketball. I love the exercise studios for Barbell strength and Strictly strength. I am not great at cycling, but I saw the cycle studio, and it looked amazing. Rock climbing is also first-rate. I was also amazed at the rapid health response and drill which occurred when one of the members got injured on the heels. The doctor on site came in immediately and was assisted by a variety of staff to take extreme care. Simply incredible.

The services of Life Time are outstanding experiences in a true luxury of a health club. The Life Time Training App links and videos to the best workouts and guides on the right way to the exercises. The 60day components for the weight loss and the overall fitness regimen are easy to adapt to and pleasant to experience. This regular daily update helped in the consistency, and the food recipes assisted in the overall tasty nutrition, and portion control helped the weight loss transition. In addition, the daily exercises recommended were simple to do. This is also a critical factor in helping consistency.

My regular lifestyle changed 180% after the 60day Fall Flex. I never went to a gym for the last five years, and now, I usually come to the Life Time almost twice daily because I really love the Life Time regimen. My diet and food intake took a healthy turn, with nutritious food replacing junk food. Socializing with like-minded people, setting small targets to achieve helped in the lifestyle transition. I plan to continue the exercise regimen until I attain my ideal weight, maintain regular exercise, and eat healthily. My energy level has gone up by 70%. My overall work efficiency has improved significantly. My focus has been enhanced by 80%.

Success is not just weight loss but also overall fitness gain, energy gain, focus improvement, and confidence gain. The empowering coaches, the motivating environment, the latest tools, pleasant smiles, and encouragement helped.

There is always a right time to start your fitness journey. The time is NOW. I have started mine. The journey has just begun.

Life Time is not a regular gym but an actual lifestyle change that gets you fitter from your heart, soul, and body. Thank you!!