Giselle R.

Alpharetta, GA

giselle r. fall 2021

Giselle’s Story

Mindset. This word is what started it all for me. Starting from scratch and knowing I had to combine discipline, strength, confidence, and ambition to attain my goals. I knew that by fueling my mind with positivity would only in turn provide rewarding outcomes. Easier said than done, right? Absolutely, however hard work and will power pays off. Initially my 60day Challenge goals consisted of increasing muscle percentage and losing fat. I quickly realized there was so much more to this 60day Challenge than I ever imagined.

In mid-2020 I was diagnosed with mental illnesses including depression and anxiety.  This was such a shock to me that at 30 years old I was suffering from something that was just so far from who I thought I was. Unfortunately, I allowed for it to define me, and this affected both my personal and professional life. I gained 20 pounds and my eating habits were not healthy ones to say the least. Mindless snacking, stress eating, stopping by fast food chains, -that was me hiding behind my unhappy and unmotivated self, saying “I’ll start eating better on Monday”. Slowly I tried to pick myself up and with doctor supervision was able stop taking prescribed medications. I was left with chronic bloating issues and weight gain. I was not sure how to battle the chronic bloating and ultimately just lived with it for the past year.

I began my journey with Life Time earlier this year. I started by taking classes such as YOGA and cycling and finally began with GTX and worked my way to taking Alpha Conditioning and Strength. Joining Life Time was a chance for me to gain back what I had lost -self-confidence, strength, motivation, community-. Trainers such as Allison, Chris, Zahra, Patrick, Quez were a huge resource and I attribute much of my success to their guidance. When the 60day Challenge came up, Allison was the first to recommend that I sign up. We started off the challenge building what my goals were for the 60 days and a plan to battle my chronic bloating and increase my water intake. She introduced me to the Life Time Supplements located in our Life Café. I started taking Life Time Magnesium, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, AM/PM Women’s Multivitamins, and Digestive Enzymes. This was an opportunity for me to be consistent and care for my body and mental stability. It was incredible how within just one week of taking the vitamins, drinking more water, and following the 60day meal plan, my chronic bloating began to disappear.  My mood and mindset changed dramatically, and my life began to fall back into place. I cannot advocate enough how much health and wellness is fundamental to our overall well-being. Yes, I had heard that before and deep down knew it, but I had never felt it as I have in these past 60 days. I am now part of a community within the club that pushes me to be better with daily words of encouragement, laughs and tough love. I feel stronger, faster, and efficient both mentally and physically. The “I know you can do it” from Allison and “Great Job, Giselle” from my peers, go SUCH a long way!

Every week I amaze myself of how much I have accomplished in such a short period of time and thank my husband, family, and friends for the support. I have been able to surpass personal records which give me a huge confidence boost knowing that if I dedicate myself to something, I can do it! This experience has taught me that my inner strength is alive and well and that with structure and discipline we can far exceed our own expectations.

Diet has been so critical throughout this challenge. The 60day meal plan was vital in obtaining the results I have achieved. My diet is also very sustainable, thanks to the 60day recipe book and meal plan. Moving forward l will continue to use this to maintain and aid my weight loss goals.  Cooking has never been my forte but after this challenge I would say that has changed. Not only am I eating better but I enjoy cooking. Eating healthy can be delicious and so easy to make!

The meditation sessions in the Life Time Member App are also a very helpful tool and I will continue to use this as part of my daily routine. Given I have dealt with mental health issues, this feature really allowed me to balance daily life and enter my day with positivity and mental awareness.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for me, and I cannot wait to keep on with my fitness goals. My plan is to continue to transform physically and mentally and thank this program for giving me the tools and education to live a much healthier and fruitful life. It was not easy, but so empowering throughout the process. I will continue to take the Alpha classes with my Alpha family, eat clean and will use equipment throughout the facility such as the InBody to make sure I keep myself on track.

I am full of gratitude to be able to share my story. I appreciate the daily support to better myself and others and look forward to what is ahead. Mindset can change everything!