Marc L.

South Tulsa, OK

marc l. fall 2021

Marc’s Story

So, before this challenge I was already looking for ways to become healthier, making some progress albeit inconsistently. My health was less than desirable, I was overweight, very inflexible, and in lots of pain. With our 25th anniversary coming this year, my wife and I set off to make a change for the better, knowing that if I wanted to have a 50th anniversary, changes needed to occur. Simply having this goal just wasn’t quite enough no matter how passionate I felt about it. I knew about calorie deficits, I knew I needed to work out, and I knew I needed to stretch. But, I just really didn’t have the tools or knowledge in place. Although I had already lost around 20 pounds this year it was a real seesaw battle between having moments of consistent behavior and moments of falling apart. The foods I prepared gave me a calorie deficit but left my taste buds ready to go back to the old ways.

Earlier this year we decided to have a once in a lifetime trip and finally have a wonderful honeymoon in Maui. Still, this wasn’t quite enough either. So, we decided to try the 60day Challenge at Life Time. This decision ended up being more than a blessing that I could ever imagine.

I’ve learned so much over the last 60 days about myself, my body, and how to manage my health. My trainer Kevin had mentioned several times to me to try surrender yoga due to my arthritis and issues with flexibility. Finally, I “surrendered” and gave it a try. Why am I so hardheaded? Surrender yoga has forever changed my life. I am now so much more flexible than I have been in decades.  I am able to do so many more things without pain.  I can now get on the ground and work on things, play with my dog, and the kids. The ground itself just seems to be a lot closer these days! I truly want to thank all of the surrender yoga instructors for being so helpful in making me feel welcomed when I felt so uncomfortable. I now tote in my pink, borrowed from my wife, yoga mat with pride!

However, I think the main difference maker for me personally was all the wonderful Life Time recipes. And on top of all this a shopping list…how wonderful and easy!  My wife and I joked because it seemed every week I would say “This is my new favorite Recipe”! With past attempts to lose weight I knew calorie deficit and that was about it. The recipes in the 60day Challenge not only are healthy and keep your macros in check, but a wonderful array of flavors that almost miraculously satisfied my cravings. No more basic bland same old thing every day. This stuff was great and easy to prepare. I now know going forward that I will be able to grab a recipe and have all the ingredients ready in a list to pick up at the grocery store. How easy is that?!  It’s easier to eat healthy when you love what you eat.

Going forward we are going to keep using the Life Time recipes and shopping list.  I’m going to keep going to surrender yoga. And I’m going to keep up with the workouts. I’ll also be joining the very next 60day Challenge. I’m wrapping up this submission as I sit in my condo in Maui Hawaii. I made it here in newer, smaller clothing that I couldn’t wear before. I made the plane trip without having to ask the embarrassing question to a flight attendant “Can you provide me with a seatbelt extender?”. I’m able to do very active things without much pain. We have an active vacation planned together which includes hikes to waterfalls and things I couldn’t imagine doing before.

So, once again thanks to Kevin, to the yoga staff, to other unnamed staff members who encouraged me. Thanks for putting this program together. And thanks for all the hard work Life Time has been doing to make me feel safe during this pandemic. The club is being kept so clean and it makes me feel good to be there. I hope others will try this challenge and take advantage of all the tools and well-thought-out strategies that are in place… All for an unbelievably great value of $20. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See y’all in the next round!