Quaron B.

Ardmore, PA

quaron b. fall 2021

Quaron’s Story

First, I would like to thank Life Time for this amazing opportunity that will help vault me into a healthier lifestyle. My journey with fitness has been inconsistent. With the 60day Challenge, I plan to obtain good habits and work toward making health and wellness a lifestyle. With the grocery list, recipe book, workout plans and support of Life Time’s staff and members I am looking forward to making major changes in my life!

Maggie has been one my biggest supporters since the very first day she took my measurements. She demonstrated confidence that not only can I do well during the challenge, but that I can be a grand prize winner as well. We set some goals to have a healthy diet (no added sugars, alcohol, smoking or cheat meals) and to hit the gym at least 5 times a week. Most importantly, I wanted to lose at least 20 pounds during the 60day Challenge. I knew that this would be a tough challenge. Maggie truly believed that if I stayed consistent in the gym and focused on nutrition, I would achieve my goals. Whenever I came into the gym and Maggie saw me, she began rooting me on and making sure that I am holding myself accountable to my goals. I developed a nice flow week one with the help of fitness trainer Ryan O. I incorporated his fitness classes into my schedule at least twice a week while doing strength and cardio training the other 4 days. Ryan was such a huge supporter and amazing instructor. I would leave his strength and core classes drenched in sweat! I also decided to try yoga for the first time! Sundays I would take Surrender Yoga to decompress with all the hard work I was putting in throughout the week. One of my favorite classes was Aaron’s Alpha Fight class which taught you the basic fundamentals of boxing. Sometimes, Aaron would have me so fired up I had to remember not to hit him with a right jab followed by a left hook haha. I wanted to incorporate an intense cardio day to focus on burning calories. That is where spin classes with Carrie. W came in. Carrie is such a great instructor and the music really gets me going during her class. The Lifetime staff knew how serious I was taking this challenge and the invested their energy and time in me to make sure I was giving my best efforts to accomplish my goals. Overall, the entire Life Time staff not only made this challenge enjoyable, but I looked forward to coming in because I knew I was leaving out a better person. The love and support were real!

I took my first sweat session with Maggie to get an idea of how in shape I really was. I wouldn’t say I was out of shape but certainly not in the best. Nikki’s Kettle bell sweat session was absolutely killer! I never realized how working out with a kettle bell can test not only your strength but balance as well. What a time! The third Sanja Sweat session was probably the most challenging workout I’ve ever been through. She put us through a full body workout. Working through 6 minute circuits and ended off with a workout 10 minute circuit that pushed me pass my mental limit. I felt accomplished and more confident after leaving her session. The sweat sessions were a great way to improve my conditioning, but I also took plenty of mental notes to incorporate some of the exercises I learned from the trainers. I missed 2 sessions due to my 10 day trip to Turkey but my goals never changed. For the final sweat session, I volunteered to take Aaron’s Alpha fight session to help promote and encourage more members to take this class. This was his biggest class since they’ve incorporated the session into the Life Time schedule. Congratulations, Aaron! I felt great to support the Life Time team as they have been nothing short of my biggest supports during this time!

In week 4 I notice a change in my physique and energy. My body was shaping up to my liking and I felt upbeat throughout the week. One day I thought to myself I always wanted to run a 5k. Only issue was I never had the confidence that I would get through it. I decided that now is the time to give it a shot. Not only did I run the 5k. I ran 4 miles NON-STOP! This was a huge accomplishment for me! I left Life Time that day feeling like I could do anything. Another milestone I reached was burning three thousand calories on my apple watch! Totaling 32,814 steps, 17.5 miles distance for the day and 252 exercise minutes! These accomplishments were a serious confidence booster for me. I’ve exceeded limits on multiple occasions during the 60day Challenge. I felt like a new person!

I am pleased to say that the 60day Challenge has helped me hit all of my goals that I set from day 1. My initial measurements came in at 234 lbs., 92.8 skeletal muscle mass and 30.7 percent body fat. My final results are 221.7 lbs., 94.4 skeletal muscle mass and 25.4 percent body fat! I honestly could not have accomplished these goals without the help of the Life Time team. Health and wellness is such a critical part of life and that is what Life Time exemplifies. Thanks!