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Pickerington, OH

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Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer-Digital

Weight Management
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Sandeepa’s Story

“Adversity does not stop the greats. It elevates them”. Fuel, not failure. While this has been a true statement in my education, professional life, and other areas of my life, health was not one of them. I hit my low point in 2020 during quarantine, after a series of events and poor lifestyle choices led me to being physically obese.

I was diagnosed with a rare respiratory illness in February 2020 which the pulmonologists said was incurable. I was put on heavy daily dosages of corticosteroids, inhalers, and other strong medicine. I had just switched my demanding job as an Engineering Manager to working for myself. This made me even more sedentary than before, with having no need to dress up and go to work. Quarantine gave a sense of complacency where I could easily isolate myself from everyone and have food delivered home. I relied on food for comfort. I was mentally depressed with no clear sense of self. I avoided looking at myself in the mirror or taking pictures. I felt defeated.

When Paul and I connected I shared all the details. My diagnosis, the additional weight gain of over 50lbs on top of already being overweight and the dire need to transform myself. This was a paradigm shift moment for me, I was all-in, and so was Paul. He knew I was feeling defeated and discouraged. He encouraged and instilled the belief in myself that I could absolutely transform physically, mentally and emotionally. This is by far my favorite thing about Paul and his coaching. He truly and genuinely cares for everyone he serves.

One of the first things that stood out in his coaching approach was that from the get-go, he did not believe my condition was incurable. He did not even believe that the condition or the medicine would get in the way of my transformation. The specialists said 75-100lbs of weight gain was average for this diagnosis. Paul educated me on how the correct holistic health approach to nutrition, strength training and conditioning would help to heal me from the inside out.

While gyms had not yet reopened, Paul recommended that I get a detailed home scale where I could measure beyond weight only. I dreaded getting on it, but it was time to face reality head on. I weighed 242lbs with over 54% BF. I felt overwhelmed. Paul was excited. He gave me a clear vision of what could be achieved. He provided me with breathing techniques to not only help with my respiratory condition but also for its natural anti-inflammatory benefits and to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Months down the line, my pulmonologist could not believe my transformation and said in the 35 years of his medical career, I was not only the first to ever lose weight the way I did, but also the first to cure myself of the disease and be off of all the medication.

Paul focused on nutrition for my lifestyle & schedule. He provided a very detailed home workout plan, via the Life Time Training App, to follow until gyms opened again. It was personalized and catered to my unique needs, at ground zero. When I began going back to Life Time in mid-July, he put together a program detailing correct form, technique, and range of motion to optimize results. Paul repeatedly educated me on the importance of nutritional timing, sleep vs quality sleep, stress management, correct supplementation and fueling my mind.

So why the Fall 60day Challenge? I had made tremendous progress losing over 60lbs, 20% body fat and gaining 10+ lbs of muscle. But I had become complacent with having success. This went on for over two months. I was going through some personal adversities which required me to put focus and energy on other areas of life. While I was still practicing, I was not working with the end result in mind. Paul suggested I sign up for the 60day and expressed I have the potential to win the club and become a National Finalist… The prospect of this, lit a fire in me.

I stepped it up by going to Life Time group fitness classes to keep my cardio workouts more fun. Being an experienced dancer, it’s extremely difficult to find high end dance classes that are quality. I was so happy to find Cierra and Ayren’s classes at Pickerington. It’s therapeutic and I’ve met empowering people and made great friendships. The experience at Pickerington Life Time is uplifting, and the community and has become an integral part of my life.

I set out, with the thought, to improve my outward appearance and improve my all-around health. And we did. But as it turns out, this journey of self-discovery has been the true reward! It’s transformed me inside out in such a way I now know I could never go back to those old habits. I’m so grateful for my Life Time community and connecting with Paul. He became more than a Coach… A mentor, a true friend and someone that showed me I’m worth the time and effort. I’m now inspired to use this platform for others and to become a fitness coach myself, while focusing on maximizing my own health and wellness for those I will serve someday!